The Genealogy of the Tracy Family


A. Senator Uriah Tracy. Born Franklin, Conn., 2nd February 1755. Died Washington DC, 19th July 1807. Scion of an old New England family, he had a successful professional career. Called to the Litchfield Bar 1781, he subsequently entered politics and was elected 1796 to the senate where he served with distinction.  Married 1st May 1782 Susannah Bull (born Conn., 20th March 1757, died Hartford, Conn., 7th January 1843).    
a. Sally McCurdy Tracy,  Born 24 February 1783. Married 21st October 1798 Judge James Gould.
    1. George Gould. Born Litchfield 2nd September 1807. Died 6th December 1868. A prominent lawyer who in later life became a senior judge at Troy, NY. Married 10th November 1840 Sarah M Vail (born 7th October 1821: still alive 1880 ). Issue included author Jeanie Gould Lincoln 1853 - 1921.     
b. George Manning Tracy,  Born Litchfield, Conn. on or around 2nd December 1790. Died Durham, Conn., 22nd November 1877. Buried Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. A George Manning Tracy was living in 1869 at 68 Broadway in Brooklyn, New York who was probably he.  Married ca. 1828 Mary Anna Colden Willet (born 1799, died 24th May 1867, buried with her husband), (She was reportedly great grand daughter to Lt Governor Cadwallader Colden 1689 - 1776 of New York by the governor's marriage in November 1715 to Alice Chrystie.)
    1. Uriah Tracy Tracy. Born 13th April 1829. Died 30th August 1917. Married ca. 1862 Frances Mary Gallatin Stevens (born 23rd October 1832; died 12th February 1893, buried with her husband ).     
i. Francis Gallatin Tracy Born 6 February 1863. Died 20th January 1951. Married 31st December 1896 Olive Elizabeth Clark (born 1869, died 1963).
          A. Francis Gallatin Tracy. Born  8th December 1911. Died 19th April 1994. Married with issue.   
ii. Marian Colden Tracy Born New York 15th November 1864. Died 20th May 1916.
    2. Gilbert / Cadwallader Colden Tracy. Born ca. 1830. Died Paddington, England 6th October 1921. Married Litchfield, Conn., 2nd June 1860 Harriet Ruth Brisbane (born Charleston 6th December 1834, died Isleworth, England 30th May 1918). (It seems likely that Cadwallader Colden Tracy was born and grew up as Gilbert Colden Tracy but changed his name when he came to Europe around 1900: either that or I am confusing two brothers with one another. This inference may seem a bit of a 'stretch', but his son in law, the compiler's grandfather, did certainly change his own middle name when he came to live in Europe. So name changes coinciding with intercontinental relocations were not unknown in this family.)     
i. Gilbert Colden Tracy Born ca. 1st January 1863. Died 21st August 1863.
ii. Julia Lowndes Tracy Born Staten Island, NY 10th August 1865. Died (unm) Willesden, London 6th November 1933.  She had published in 1915, by The Aldine Publishing Co Ltd of Chancery Lane, London, "Terrier VC", a story for children published to raise funds for the Blue Cross (an animal charity). The book was dedicated to the author's faithful dog, Star, who had died March 18, 1915, and seems likely to have been the role model for the book's lead character.
      iii. Adeline Brisbane Tracy Born Columbia, SC 8th April 1869. Died Springfield Hospital, Balham 'following an accident in the hospital' 29th August 1950.     
      iv. Caroline Ruth Colden ("Rose") Tracy Born New York 3rd March 1871. Died San Diego 31st January 1959.  Married Staten Island, NY 18th April 1894 Frederic(k) William Corse (born Germantown, PA, 23rd January 1861).    
          A. Cadwallader Colden Corse. Born Chicago 26th February 1896. Died San Diego, CA 9th May 1980. Married ca. 1919 as her first husband Anita Thorne (born 6th March 1895, died 5th June 1994).
            a. Chester Thorne Corse. Born 31st December 1920. Died 28th January 2009. Attorney at law.
            b. Nancy Corse. Born 25th April 1923. Died 23rd February 2001. Married with issue..
      v. Mary Colden Willett Tracy Born New York 22nd February 1873. Died London 28th April 1953. Singer. Prom Debut October 1913. The name 'Willett' disappears from references to her after she came to Europe. Married London 14th May 1908 Eduardo Haviland Hillman (born Santiago 24th October 1874, died London 1st September 1947).    
    3. George Murray Tracy. Born 5th February 1834. Died 3rd March 1893. Married  Rachel A Dawson (born 9th February 1844;  died 27th March 1903).     
i. George Dawson Tracy Born 26th September 1874. Died 30th July 1875.
    4. Caroline Robbins Tracy. Born New York 1835. Died 25th October 1897. Buried Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY 27th October 1897.    
    5. Lindley Murray Tracy. Born New York 26th January 1839. Died 17th October 1911. Buried Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.    
    6. Captain William Willett Tracy. Born 9th May 1841. Died (kia) 6th May 1864  at the Battle of the Wilderness, on the field of which he is buried.    

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be added in response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator marks (e.g.  A, a, 1, i, A, a, 1, i) do not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.

The starting point for these data is notes inherited from Eduardo Haviland Hillman 1874 - 1947, a diligent genealogist who devoted significant time during the early decades of the twentieth century to disentangling his wife's Tracy ancestry.  His notes, however, change quite quickly from pen to pencil as you track back, and there is reason to believe that for the earlier generations of New England Tracys, he himself was not confident that he had it right. For this website, therefore, genealogical presentation is restricted to the more recent (and relatively well  attested) generations.   The compiler has not himself spent enough time with appropriate sources to opine usefully concerning conflicting versions of genealogical truth covering earlier generations. 

I am also extremely grateful for information received from my kinswoman Mary Elizabeth Dresser.

Published sources include "Tracy Genealogy" by Evert E Tracy,  published Joel Munsell at Albany, NY 1898 .

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