The Genealogy of the Lowndes Family in South Carolina


  A. Charles Lowndes, Born Cheshire, England. Died Charleston, SC 27th May 1736. His Lowndes family were a prominent gentry family in Cheshire who traced their ancestry back at least to the Tudor period. This Charles Lowndes is believed to be the shared  emigrant ancestor of the South Carolina branch. A kinsman from Cheshire is ancestor to the Maryland Lowndes family. Charles Lowndes emigrated to St Kitts ca. 1700 and from thence to Charleston ca. 1730. Married presumably St Kitts Ruth Rawlins (died Christ Church, Nicola Town, St Kitts 25th July 1763). She was probably the widow of Mr Garner and daughter to Henry Rawlins whose family had reportedly been in St Kitts already for three generations.    
a. William Lowndes, Born St Kitts ca. 1718. Married Christ Church, Nicola Town, St Kitts 7th April 1730 Mary Taylor.  
      1. Mary Lowndes.  Baptised  June 1740.    
      2. John Taylor Lowndes.  Baptised August 1744.    
        i. John Lowndes Died 1812. Surveyor General of Dominica.  Married Miss Bailey of Domenica.         
          (A) Henrietta Lowndes. Married Rev Henry Newman of Rosenau, Domenica.      
          (B) Grace Lowndes.    
b. Charles Lowndes, Born St Kitts ca. 1719.Will dated 18th January 1763 and proved May 1764. Provost Marshall Colleton County, SC 1752. Married Sarah Parker (still alive 1763).
      1. Charles Lowndes.  Married  Jeannie Perry.    
c. Rawlins Lowndes, Born St Kitts 6th January 1721 Gregorian. Died Charleston, SC 24th August 1800. Prominent lawyer and distinguished statesman. Provost Marshall Colleton County, SC 1740 - 1752. Member SC legislature 1749 and 1751 - 1766.  Associate Judge Charleston 1766 - 1773. President South Carolina 1778 - 1779. Senator for Charleston 1782 - 1787. Opposed US constitution 1787. Married  firstly 15th August 1748 Amarinthia Elliott of Rantoules (died 14th January 1750).  
Rawlins Lowndes married  secondly 23rd December 1751 Mary Cartwright
      1. Amarinthia Lowndes.  Born Charleston 29th July 1754. Married firstly Charleston 23rd September 1776 Roger Parker Saunders.    
      2. Mary Lowndes.  Born 7th August 1755.       
      3. Rawlins Lowndes.  Born Charleston 5th November 1757. Died in childhood.       
      4. Sarah Ruth Lowndes.  Born ca. 1764. Died ca. 1852.      
      5. Harriet Lowndes.  Born ca. 1765. Baptised 4th April 1766. Died ca. 1852. Some sources think she was born before her sister Sarah. However, she was baptised at the same time as her brother Thomas which suggests that she and he were born adjacently or else that they were twins. Married  Charleston 25th November 1784 Joseph Brown.       
        i. Lowndes Brown  Married Margaretta Livingstone.       
          (A) Harriet Lowndes Brown. Married  Baron Henri Solwyns, a Belgian diplomat.    
      6. Congressman Thomas Lowndes.  Born Charleston 22nd January 1766. Baptised 4th April 1766. Died Charleston 8th July 1843. Lawyer and politician.  Federalist member from SC House of Representatives 1796 - 1800. Married 8th March 1798 Sarah Bond I'on. 11 recorded children.       
        i. Rawlins Lowndes Born 28th May 1798. Died October 1800.         
        ii. Mary l'On Lowndes Born 1st August 1800. Died ca. 1865. Married 12th March 1816 Frederick Rutledge Kinloch of Charleston (born ca. 1791, died Charleston 7th August 1856).    
          (A) Martha Rutledge Kinloch. Born 28th April 1818. Died ca. 1892. Married SC 28th February 1844  Matthew Richard Singleton, (born 11th September 1817, died 18th August 1854). Issue.    
(a)  Cleland Kinloch Singleton
(b)  Helen Coles Singleton Married Allen Jones Green. Issue.       
(c)  Matthew Richard Singleton Born Charleston 4th April 1851. Died 30th June 1921. Married Virginia Elizabeth Green (born Alabama 31st April 1852, died Columbia 2nd February 1933).   Issue.   
(1) Mary Lowndes Singleton Born 20th October 1875. Died 4th July 1962. Married Alexander Ernest King (born 11th September 1859, died 1st August 1926).
(2) Matthew Richard Singleton Born 24th October 1877. Died 14th January 1910. Married 24th April 1900 Charlotte Cantey Johnson (born 24th August 1879, died 30th September 1963). (CCJ was a great grand daughter of Elizabeth Dale Brisbane 1781 - 1826, via EDB's son Thomas James Ancrum 1817 - 1887, via TJA's daughter Margaret Frances Ancrum who married Robert Cunningham Johnson.) Issue.   
(3) Virginia Taylor Singleton Born 16th September 1879. Died 16th January 1924.    
(4) Lillian Singleton Born 23rd November 1880. Died 3rd October 1937.
(5) Lucy Pride Singleton Born 4th October 1883. Died 6th July 1919.    
(6) Elizabeth Singleton Born 4th February 1886.
(7) Martha Rutledge Singleton Born 25th November 1887. Died 26th September 1889.    
          (B) Thomas Lowndes Kinloch. Born 3rd January 1820. Died unmarried.        
          (C) Cleland Kinloch. Born 6th October 1823.       
        iii. Rawlins Lowndes Born 1st September 1801. Married Charleston 24th October 1826 Gertrude Laura Livingston. Issue.       
          (A) Julia Livingstone Lowndes. Born ca. 1829. Died 26th January 1875. Married 19th May 1853 William Augustus James. Issue.    
(a)  William Lowndes James Born Rheinebeck on Hudson, NY 1st June 1855.   
          (B) Mary Livingston Lowndes. Born Charleston ca. 1831. Married 31st January 1855 John Pyne March (died 25th November 1873).    
(a)  Charles March Born 23rd September 1856.   
(b)  Clement March Born 21st November 1862.   
          (C) Gertrude Lewis Lowndes. Born Charleston 22nd September 1833. Died 26th October 1834.       
          (D) Harriet Lowndes. Born ca. 1837. Married firstly 27th April 1859 Eugene Langdon (died 22nd February 1866). Issue.    
(a)  Marion Langdon.
(b)  Anne Lowndes Langdon.
          (E) Anne Lowndes. Born ca. 1839. Married Boston 10th January 1860 George Bigelow Chase (born Boston 1st October 1835, died Boston 2nd June 1902). Genealogist. Issue.    
(a)  Stephen Chase Born Boston 30th January 1863. Died Boston 1st November 1927. Married 10th December 1908 Mary L C Taylor.
(b)  Gertrude Lowndes Chase Born probably Boston 23rd October 1868.
        iv. Thomas Lowndes Born New Haven, Conn., 26th June 1803. Died 8th July 1833. Charleston 12th February 1828 Allen Deas.           
          (A) Henry Lowndes. Born 29th January 1829.        
          (B) Sarah I'On Lowndes.    
          (C) Thomas Lowndes. Born 26th September 1832.        
        v. Jacob I'On Lowndes Born Philadelphia 19th September 1804. Died (unm) 7th February 1829.     
        vi. William Price Lowndes Born 21st September 1806. Married 30th October 1833 Susan Mary Elizabeth Livingston. (died New York 10th February 1875).       It is believed that they visited Rome in 1839/1840, during which time a portrait of Mary Livingston Lowndes was painted by a young sculptor named Alfred Stevens.      
          (A) Margaret Livingston Lowndes. Born New York 18th January 1835. Died Morris, NJ 21st October 1884. Married New York 6th June 1865 Edward Henry Coster (born New York 7th July 1833, died New York 28th March 1892). Issue.         
(a)  Edward Livingston Coster Born New York January 1868. Married Baltimore 12th January 1892  Frances Lurman Stewart. (born 2nd March 1867) Issue.   
(1) Josephine Lurman Coster Born April 1894.       
(2) Margaret Lowndes Coster Born December 1895.       
(3) Gerard Holsman Coster Born Rhode Island 4th September 1898. Died October 1955.     
(4) Elizabeth Curtis Coster Born January 1900.     
(5) Cornelia Prime Coster Born 6th February 1901. Died 11th December 1956.  Married firstly 1922 Walter Rysam Jones.  Married secondly Arthur Mason Du Bois.      
(6) Mary Livingston Coster Born 6th January 1903. Died November 1986.  Married 1922 Clarence F Busch.       
(7) Edward Livingston Coster Born 24th February 1910. Died Westchester, NY 14th September 1990.   
          (B) Francis Lewis Lowndes. Born probably New York 8th January 1837.    
          (C) William Lowndes. Born probably New York 22nd May 1843. Married 22nd May 1875 Katherine Grant Ransom.    
        vii. Charles Tidyman Lowndes Born 28th June 1808. Died ca. 1884. Married Charleston 31st December 1829 Sabina Elliott Huger.    
          (A) Emma Huger Lowndes. Born ca. 1831. Married James Scott (born ca. 1833).       
(a)  Emma Scott Born 1880.
          (B) Daniel Huger Lowndes. Born Charleston 27th February 1832. Died 1st August 1832.       
          (C) Daniel Huger Lowndes. Born Charleston June 1833. Died 9th January 1835.       
          (D) Sabina Huger Lowndes. Born ca. 1834. Married Dr William Harleston Huger (born Charleston 20th May 1826, died ca. 1906).    
          (E) Mary Huger Lowndes. Born ca. 1837. Married Edward Laight Cottenet (born ca. 1825).       
(a)  Charles Cottenet. Born ca. 1860.
(b)  Rawlins Cottenet. Born ca. 1863.
(c)  Fannie Cottenet. Born ca. 1868.
          (F) Rawlins Lowndes. Born Colleton, SC 23rd July 1838. Died Charleston 31st December 1919. Married Columbia 10th March 1868 Sarah Buchanan Campbell Preston (born SC 22nd October 1842, died SC 15th December 1880). Issue.         
(a)  Charles Tidyman Lowndes Born 12th December 1868. Died 18th July 1893.
(b)  Caroline Hampton Lowndes Born 12th November 1871. Died 24th March 1963. Married Charleston 6th November 1894 Lane Mullally (born 12th March 1864, died 24th March 1920).
(1) Charles Lowndes Mullally Born 27th February 1897. Died July 1984. 
(c)  Sabina Elliott Lowndes Born 10th February 1878. Died 10th February 1889.
        viii. Edward Tidyman Lowndes Born 15th January 1810. Buried Georgetown, SC July 1837.      
        ix. Harriet Lowndes Born 18th January 1812. Died 24th March 1892. Married William Aiken. (born ca. 1806, died ca. 1887). Issue.       
          (A) Henrietta Aiken.  Married Andrew Burnett Rhett. Issue.    
(a)  Andrew Burnett Rhett Born Charleston 22nd November 1877. Died August 1946.
        x. Caroline Huger Lowndes Born 25th September 1813. Died 8th September 1817.       
        xi. Richard Henry Lowndes Born 4th March 1815. Died ca. 1905. Married 10th November 1845 Susan Middleton Parker.        
          (A) Caroline Lowndes. Married 10th November 1870  Dominic Lynch Pringle (born ca. 1846, died ca. 1919). Issue      
(a)  Admiral Joel Roberts Poinset Pringle Born SC 4th February 1873. Died 25th September 1932. Married 25th June 1899 Cordelia Phythian.                  
(1) Cordelia Phythian Pringle Born 3rd January 1900. Died  September 1985. Married Lt. (ultimately Rear-Admiral) John D H Kane.   
(b)  John Julius Pringle Born SC ca. 1876.                  
          (B) Richard I'On Lowndes. Born 13th December 1847. Died 13th December 1889. Married 15th November 1870 Alice Izard Middleton (born 22nd February 1844, died 24th January 1902). Issue.      
(a)  William Lowndes Born 10th August 1872.     
(b)  Richard Henry Lowndes Born 22nd February 1879. Died December 1967.     
(c)  Sarah I'On Lowndes Born ca. 1880.     
(d)  Alice Izard Middleton Lowndes Born ca. 1881.     
          (C) Emily Rutledge Lowndes. Married 7th November 1874  Charles Petrigru Allston (born 31st July 1848, died 22nd May 1922). Issue.      
(a)  Richard Lowndes Allston Born 1st November 1871.     
(b)  Julia Lowndes Allston Born 26th January 1876. Died 15th February 1896.           
(c)  John Earle Allston Born ca 1878.           
(d)  Susan Lowndes Allston Born ca. 1880.           
          (D) William Aiken Lowndes. Born 20th April 1856. Died 23rd April 1863.        
      7. James Lowndes.  Born ca. 1769. Died ca 1838. Married Charleston 4th December 1799 Catherine ("Kitty") Osborne (born SC 14th June 1775, died  SC January 1853).          
        i. Thomas Osborne Lowndes Born 8th February 1801. Died 21st January 1886. Married 16th December 1824 Elizabeth Wragg Smith (born 23rd September 1806, buried 30th January 1897).          
          (A) Adela Lowndes. Born 21st July 1833, Died 16th September 1914.        
        ii. Amarinthia Lowndes Born ca. 1803. Died ca. 1843. Married ca. 1834 as his second wife Lewis Morris (born 10th March 1785, died 30th September 1863). Issue.      
        iii. James Lowndes Born Charleston ca. 1806. Died ca. 1838.    
        iv. Edward Rutledge Lowndes Born ca. 1808. Died ca. 1853. Married Charleston 28th November 1832 Mary Lucia Guerard.            
          (A) James Lowndes. Born 6th January 1835. Died ca. 1910. Married Rhode Island c 1870 Laura Wolcott Tuckerman    
          (B) Edward Lowndes. Born ca. 1836. Married Celestina Fuller. Issue.      
          (C) Mary Lucia Lowndes. Born ca. 1838.          
          (D) Emily Lowndes. Born ca. 1840.          
          (E) Elizabeth Lowndes. Born ca. 1842.          
          (F) Sophia Percy Lowndes. Born ca. 1844.          
          (G) Julia Lowndes. Born ca. 1846. Married Charleston 6th February 1872 William P Hamilton (born 11th October 1845, died 3rd May 1875).          
          (H) Mary Ruth Lowndes. Born ca. 1848.          
          (I) Catherine Hamilton Lowndes. Born ca. 1850.             
        v. Julia Hall Lowndes Born ca. 1811. Died 4th December 1847. Married Charleston 3rd March 1831 William Brisbane. (born 22nd July 1809, died Hogansburgh, NY 30th August 1860). 10 recorded children.    
        vi. William Henry Lowndes Born ca. 1816. Died ca. 1865. Married Philadelphia, Penn 8th February 1842  Mary Esther Middleton (born 13th July 1820, died 24th January 1907).        
          (A) Harriet Kinloch Lowndes. Married  John Cox Minott.          
(a)  Mary Lowndes Minott Born 18th April 1872.               
(b)  John Coxe Minott Born 29th August 1873.               
(c)  Harriet Kinloch Minott Born 18th January 1875.               
(d)  Susan Coxe Minott Born 15th March 1880.               
          (B) Mary Amarinthia Lowndes Born 5th May 1850. Died Columbia, SC 8th September 1913. Married  Henry De Saussure Elliot (born Beaufort 21st September 1848, died St Helena Island, SC 22nd December 1907)  7 recorded children.    
(a)  Stephen Elliot Born 30th October 1870. Died 16th November 1870.                   
(b)  Mary Middleton Elliot Born 31st January 1872.                    
(c)  Ralph Emms Elliot Born 30th September 1875. Died 27th August 1894.                   
(d)  Henry de Saussure Elliot Born 8th March 1878. Died 25th March 1935.                   
(e)  Amarinthia Lowndes Elliot Born 5th May 1885.                     
Rawlins Lowndes married  thirdly Charleston 2nd February 1773  Sarah Jones (she was born ca. 1757, the daughter of Col. Charles Jones of Georgia: she died in a road accident early 1801).
      8. Congressman William Jones Lowndes.  Born Colleton, SC 11th February 1782. Died at sea 27th October 1822. Prominent and high achieving politician, for whom counties were named. Married 10th September 1802  Elizabeth Brewton Pinckney (died  Charleston 29th July 1857).             
        i. Rawlins Lowndes Born Charleston ca. 1804. Died Greenville, SC 21st December 1832. Married Greenville 28th October 1826 Elizabeth or Emma Raymond Hornby.      
        ii. Thomas Pinckney Lowndes Born Charleston ca. October 1808. Died Charleston 2nd October 1838. Married Charleston 17th March 1829 Margaret Mercier Washington.(still alive 1888).    
          (A) Jane Washington Lowndes. Married 18th May 1854  Robert William Hume.      
(a)  Mary Morse Hume Born ca. 1858.                         
(b)  Margaret Lowndes Hume Born ca. 1859.                         
(c)  William Lowndes Hume Born ca. 1863.                         
(d)  Jane Lowndes Hume Born ca. 1871.                         
          (B) William Lowndes Born ca. 1832. Died Heidelberg, Germany ca. 1856.      
          (C) Thomas Pinckney Lowndes Born 9th February 1839. Died ca. 1899. Married 9th November 1865 Anne Branford Frost.        
(a)  Harriet Horry Lowndes Born October 1866.                         
(b)  Margaret Washington Lowndes Born May 1869.                               
(c)  William Lowndes Born October 1871.                         
(d)  Edward Frost Lowndes Born March 1874.   Married Margaret Buckingham Horlbeck.                     
(1) Henry Horlbeck Lowndes Born 21st December 1909.  Died  29th July 1998. Married Alice Hagood Lee (born 1st August 1911: died March 1986).  Issue.       
        iii. Rebecca Motte Lowndes Born Charleston 15th September 1810. Died 13th January 1893. Married Charleston 16th June 1829 Edward Cotesworth Rutledge (born 16th October 1798, died 24th November 1860).    
          (A) Elizabeth Rutledge Born 15th April 1830. Died 23rd February 1912.      
          (B) Harriett Horry Rutledge Born 12th August 1832. Died 23rd July 1912. Married 20th March 1851 Dr St Julien Ravenel (born 19th December 1819, died 17th March 1882).    
(a) Harriet Rutledge Ravenel Born 26th January 1852. 
(b) Anna Eliza Ravenel Born 9th October 1853. Died 21st February 1947. Married 28th December 1883 George Herbert Sass (born 24th December 1845, died 10th February 1908). 
(c) John Ravenel Born 2nd October 1856. 
(d) Elizabeth Rutledge Ravenel Born 27th September 1857. 
(e) Edward Rutledge Ravenel Born 17th October 1859. 
(f) St Julien Ravenel Born 6th January 1861. 
(g) Frances Gualdo Ravenel Born 26th March 1865. Married 20th October 1887 Henry Buist (born 3rd March 1863, died 7th November 1946). 
(1) George Lamb Buist Born 30th September 1888.  Died  April 1967. Married Edna Wood Bedell.       
(2) Harriott Buist   Born 5th August 1890. Died January 1976. Married Augustine T Smythe (born January 1885, died December 1965).    
(4) Henry Buist Born 14th December 1895.  Died  August 1977.       
(3) Frances Gualdo Ravenel Buist. Born 16th July 1897. Died August 1983. Married George Elliott Grimball (born January 1894, died January 1969). Issue.       
(h) Francis Gualdo Ravenel Born 22nd December 1869. Died 21st February 1920.  
(i) Helen Lowndes Ravenel Born 15th June 1872.