The Genealogy of the Hillman Family


A. John Hillman. Died Castle Dawson March 1821. Various nineteenth century records (inherited separately both by Hillman descendants and by Macrory descendants) insist he was born 1707, and comment admiringly on his longevity. The compiler endorses the admiration, but suspects that an intervening generation (or ditto marks) may at some stage have been overlooked in the transcription of written records.
John Hillman may have descended from Simon Hillman, an Alderman of Coleraine appointed 1674.   It seems likely that this Simon Hillman's antecedents had been settled in Ireland, from south England, during the English Queen Elizabeth's reign. Despite assiduous efforts at various times in the twentieth century, however, decisive evidence for this connection back to sixteenth century settlers has not been identified.  Married Jane White.
a. Hercules Hillman, Born 1753. Died 20th August 1818. Married Castle Dawson Elizabeth Yorke.
1. Arthur Hillman. The Emigrant. Baptised Magherafelt 1st February 1781. Died New Orleans during a Yellow Fever epidemic 8th September 1847. Emigrated from Ireland to Albany, NY ca. 1824. Married Castle Dawson 24th January 1804  Catherine Mortimer Fleming (born ca. 1789, died New Orleans 7th September 1847). 10 children, probably.
i. John Hillman Born Castle Dawson 24th June 1805. Died while visiting New York, 24th September 1864. Buried Darien, WI. By trade a shoemaker who, starting 1829, had an address at 19 Washington Street, Albany NY, where by 1831 he had been joined by shoemaker Arthur Hillman (presumably his father). In subsequent years John and Arthur Hillman continue to turn up together as shoe makers at several addresses on or near Washington Street, Albany till 1846, after which Arthur disappears. John disappears after 1849. We know he joined an expedition to California 1849, as a saddler, and in the early 1850s he appears to have relocated in order to farm, with some of his younger sons, to southern Wisconsin, near to where many of his descendants are still based. Married 3rd November 1828 Jane Ann van Wormer (born Albany, NY 21st July 1809, died Albany, NY 29th July 1889, buried Darien, WI).
          A. Catherine ("Kate") Hillman. Born Albany, NY, 13th October 1829. Died Clinton, WI, 26th April 1891. Buried Darien.
(According to Kate's nephew, Eduardo Hillman, writing in 1934 to his cousin Mabel Knox, their aunt Catherine 'Kate' Hillman 'had an idea that there used to be a Lord Hillman'. Eduardo commented robustly that this was 'all nonsense'!)
          B. John Wesley Hillman. Born Albany, NY, 29th March 1832. Died Baton Rouge, 19th March 1915. He accompanied his father on an expedition to California in April 1849, and stayed out west when his father returned east. On 12th June 1853 he was reportedly the first white man to see what he named Deep Blue Lake in Oregon. The Lake was subsequently renamed Crater Lake. He shattered a knee in 1855 during the "Rogue Indian War" and returned east, settling to a farming life in Louisiana. Married firstly New Orleans, April  1866 his cousin Elizabeth Hillman (born New Orleans 24th July 1843, died New Orleans, June 1873).    
a Edith Eleanor Hillman . Born New Orleans, 5th June 1867. Buried 21st November 1874.
John Wesley Hillman married secondly Orleans parish, 25th July 1875 Rosalie Frye (born Connecticut 11th October 1854, died 4th May 1928, buried Baton Rouge). 
b George Waldo Hillman . Born New Orleans, 5th June 1867. Died 11th November 1933. Married Beaumont, TX, 20th February 1901 Maude L Watson (born ca. 1877, still alive 1930). Issue.
1 Marjorie Hildegarde Hillman. Born Texas ca. 1902. Died ca. 1931.
c Margaret Sistan Hillman . Born New Orleans, 8th October 1868. Died New Orleans, 8th May 1878.
d Mabel Brooks Hillman . Born Hope Villa, LA 14th March 1880.Married Nathan King Knox (born Bellonia 1st October 1878, died 1954). Issue.
1 Rosalie Gertrude Knox. Born Hope Villa, LA 5th August 1902. Died August 1987. Married John Carroll Creaghan (born Pittsburgh, 14th July 1901, died May 1980).
2 Wesley Hillman Knox. Born Louisiana, 1905. Married Henrietta Magdalene Schmidt (born 7th July 1914, died 11th July 1980). Issue.
3 Mabel Keener Knox.
e Annie Frye Hillman . Born Hope Villa, LA 27th February 1883. Died 27th April 1895.
C. George Whitefield Hillman. Born New York State 11th December 1833. Died Colfax, WA 31st October 1893. Picture Dealer. Married 20th December 1863 Anne Meigs (born Elkhorn, WI 19th December 1836, died probably in Oregon, November 1871).
a (John) Constantine Hillman. Born Oregon ca. 1865. Died at his home 514 California Terrace, Pasadena, 23rd December 1932. Architect in partnership with Claude Bragdon  in Rochester, NY from 1900 till 1903/4 when he relocated to Pasadena: here he specialised in the design of private homes, notably in the Linda Vista district. Married firstly  Edith Corse.
1 Caswell Hillman. Born California 12th December 1906. Still alive 1930.    
2 Anne Elizabeth "Nan" Hillman. Born California ca. 1907. Still alive 1932.    
3 John Constantine Hillman. Born California 10th February 1914. Died Barnstable, MA  23rd November 1996. 
4 Horace Cran Hillman. Born California 25th September 1917. Died 23rd May 1946.
              (John) Constantine Hillman married subsequently  Elizabeth Kendall. (born Massachusetts 17th December 1872: died 1st April 1947).    
b Nellie B Hillman. Born ca. 1867.
c Jennie Parsons Hillman. Born Oregon 6th November 1868. Died Los Angeles County, CA 14th June 1952. Married St Lawrence, NY 1891William N Bellinger (born ca. 1870).
D. Charles Fletcher Hillman. Born Albany, NY 19th December 1835. Died Santiago, Chile, 19th June 1902. He joined the Great Western Railway (Detroit to Niagara) as a civil engineer in 1854, and in 1857 emigrated to Chile where he worked as a railway surveyor, achieving increasing eminence both professionally as a gregarious member of the anglophone expatriate community. Elected corresponding member of the American Society of Civil Engineers 1876. Elected member London based Institute of Civil Engineers 4th April 1882. Married Santiago 18th October 1862, Manuela Carolina Haviland (christened La Serena, 29th August 1842, died Santiago 9th June 1903). 6 children, probably.
            a Carlos Samuel Juan ("Carlitos") Hillman. Born Santiago, Chile, 18th May 1866. Baptised Santiago 20th May 1866. Died 2nd June 1883. This family seems to have been bilingual at home: surviving records apply English or Spanish name versions (eg Charles or Carlos) pretty interchangeably.    
b Arturo Austin Haviland Hillman. Born Santiago, Chile, 22nd June 1868. Died 26th July 1875.
c Jeannie Carolina Hillman. Born Santiago, Chile, 8th March 1870. Baptised Santiago 30th March 1870. Married 1906 Charles E Wessel
d Enrique Hillman. Born 14th July 1872. Died young.  
            e Eduardo Haviland Hillman. Born Santiago, Chile, 24th August 1874. Died London, 1st September 1947. Genealogist who contributed to Josephine Frost's "Frost Genealogy" and whose 1913 two part compilation on The Brisbanes appeared in the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Born with the middle name 'Washington', he switched his middle name to 'Haviland' as a young man, possibly because of the early deaths of his brothers. Married London 14th May 1908 Mary Colden Willett Tracy (born New York, 22nd February 1873, died London 28th April 1953) who before she married  was a professional singer.    
              1 Charles (Tracy) Haviland Hillman. Born Eastbourne 12th August 1915. Died Epping 5th February 1985. Married London 9th November 1939 Mary Evelyn Duff (born Harbledown 27th May 1918, died Harlow 8th May 1999). Issue.    
f Maria Blanca Hillman. Born Santiago, Chile, 4th September 1876. Died (unm) Nokimis, FL, 31st January 1944. Graduated 1905 Woman's Medical College, Philadelphia. Provided medical assistance and necessary organisation at Valparaiso following 1905 earthquake. Master's Degree in Roentgenology from Pennsylvania University 1924. Chief of the X-ray department, Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia till 1937.
E. Jane Ann(a) ("Jennie") Hillman. Born November 13th December 1837. Died Darien, WI, 6th December 1868. By 1856 she was a teacher at Toppings Corner School, near Darien where she still lived with her parents in 1860. Married Darien 4th November 1861 as his first wife Ryal (sometimes Rial) Brown(e) (born NY ca. 1835). It appears that at the time of her death there were no surviving children of this marriage, though Rial Brown(e) did have children by his subsequent 1871 marriage to Cornelia M Barnes.
F. William Washington Hillman. Born Albany NY 12th November 1839. Died Auburn, Chippewa, WI, 1st March 1927. Married firstly Lafayette 13th May 1863 Florence Adelia King (born New York, ca.1868, died Auburn, Chippewa 25th November 1880). 
a John Wesley Hillman. Born Darien, WI, 11th October 1864. Died Syracuse 7th May 1946. Married Pittsfield, Mass., 7th July 1896 Georgia Estelle Knight (born Baldwinsville, NY, 28th April 1876, died Syracuse 4th November 1953).
1 Florence Estelle Agnes Hillman. Born Pittsfield, Mass., 29th June 1897. Died Syracuse 5th November 1959. Married 2nd June 1916 Irving John Fellows.
(i) Charles Wesley Fellows Born Syraceuse, NY 30th December 1919. Died Syraceuse, NY 13th October 1982. Married with issue.
2 George Arthur Hillman. Born 24th June 1899. Died 13th October 1964. Married 28th June 1919 Esther Carol Rocks. Issue.
b Jennie Carlene Hillman. Born 26th February 1869. Died WI, 17th August 1954. Married firstly Auburn, WI, 29th July 1888 Willis Zere Leavens (born Eau Claire, WI 14th June 1861, died Chippewa, WI 13th November 1917).
1 Arthur Leavens. Born 17th June 1889. Died February 1891.
2 Hugh William Leavens Born Auburn, WI, 17th January 1891. Died Chippewa, WI 24th May 1961. Married Chippewa, WI 4th June 1922 Jennie Dimmic (born 9th November 1898).
3 Florence Emily Leavens. Born Auburn, WI 29th November 1892. Died 1st April 1974. Married Richard Walker.
4 Myrtle May Leavens. Born 9th January 1895. Died 31st October 1970. Married Auburn, WI 19th October 1925 Ivan L Bolden.
(i) Laird Ivan Bolden Born  13th April 1928. Died May 1979.
5 Jane Leavens. Born Auburn, WI 15th March 1897. Died 30th October 1952. Married Herbert Orrin Cutsforth (born 3rd September 1892, died 20th March 1955).
(i) Arthur Erling Cutsforth Born  8th March 1933. Died 19th September 1998.
(ii) Allan Lloyd Cutsforth Born  27th July 1936. Died 26th November 1996. Married with issue.
6 Willis Fetterly Leavens. Born Auburn 12th March 1899. Died 10th June 1967. Married Edith Knutson (born 26th June 1906, died July 1975). Issue.
7 Pearle Adelia Leavens. Born Auburn, WI 26th August 1901. Died November 1983. Married Chippewa 25th May 1922 Henry Frederick Gunn (born Bloomer/Chippewa 10th March 1898, died 8th February 1957).
(i) Mildred Eleanor Gunn Born  24th April 1923. Died 5th March 1987. Married with issue.
(ii) Robert Eugene Gunn Born  16th September 1924. Died 23rd January 1963. Married with issue.
8 Ralph Douglas Leavens. Born Auburn, 8th December 1903. Died 30th January 1959. Married with issue.
9 Harry Glen Leavens. Born 11th May 1906. Died 2nd October 1956. Married Lucille St Aubin (born 6th January 1916, died August 1986).
(i) Elizabeth Carlene Leavens Born  2nd October 1944. Died 18th March 1987. Married Albert John Akim (born 13th October 1943: died 26th May 2005).  Issue.
10 Richard Robert Leavens. Born 26th November 1907. Died 5th September 1976. Married.
11 Phyllis Etheleen Leavens. Born 12th January 1910. Died 23rd November 1979. Married 20th March 1932 George Arthur Harmon (born 2nd October 1902, died 2nd September 1963). Issue.
(i) Carole Jeanne Harmon Born  2nd October 1933. Died 10th May 1988. Married with issue.
  Jennie Carlene Hillman. married secondly Chippewa, WI, 17th October 1918 George F Carpenter (born Vermont ca. 1964, died Chippewa, WI 22nd July 1944).
c Agnes May Hillman. Born 26th February, 1872. Died February 1961. Married 13th February 1894 Dunn Co, WI Grant D Miles.
1 Hazel J Miles. Born 6th July 1898. Died December 1980.    
d Margaret "Nellie" or "Molly" Hillman. Born Chippewa, WI, 9th April 1874. Died Oakland, CA 31st December 1962. Married firstly  April 1894 John Wesley Burpee (born 30th April 1857, died 26th December 1937).
1 Bessie Blanche Burpee. Born 12th January 1897. Died 1st June 1981. Married firstly Harold Raymond Reycraft. (born Osceola, Iowa 27th April 1890, died Spokane Co., WA 4th August 1956).  Issue.  
(i) Kathleen Patricia Reycraft Born 13th February 1918. Died 14th March 2003. Married 9th July 1940  Alba Laverne Spaugh. (born Oregon 19th December 1918, died California  10th July 2007).  Issue.  
(A.) Robert Michael Spaugh Born Oregon 25th July 1942. Died 24th May 2004.
  Bessie Blanche Burpee. married secondly Irwin Riegel. (born Minnesota 24th May 1897, died MD).  
2 Ruth Caroline Burpee. Born Wisconsin 8th October 1898. Died Sta. Cruz, CA12th February 1976. Married Archie Thomas Thompson (born Wisconsin 17th February 1898, died Idaho 16th April 1971). Issue.  She married secondly Joseph Cartwright: this marriage ended in divorce.
(i) Jeanette Caroline Thompson Born 29th May 1920. Died 7th July 1987. Married with issue.  
(ii) Marion Ruth Thompson Born 14th July 1923. Died 16th August 2008. Married  Alvin Eugene Speirs. (born Idaho 17th May 1926, died Colorado  12th January 1997).  Issue.  
3 Lloyd Melville Burpee. Born 18th October 1900. Died Montana 23rd July 1963. Married July 1935 Constance Crotteau (died 1960).
4 Marion Adelia Burpee. Born ca. 1903. Died  Spokane, Washington 21st May 1918.
5 Ardath Rosalie Burpee. Born Idaho 4th May 1906. Died Montana 16th June 1978. Married firstly Lincoln Co., Montana 6th June 1926 Harry Preston (born ca. 1904). She married secondly Flathead Co., Montana 8th June 1933  Arthur Charles Baril  (born 21st February 1908, died September 1980). Issue.
  Margaret "Nellie" or "Molly" Hillman. married secondly in about 1942 Chester Robert Grove  (1877 - 1957).  
e Arthur Constantine Hillman. Born Chippewa, WI, 9th May 1876. Still alive 1927. Married Watertown, 29th June 1904 Agnes Mary Scheblak (born WI, 13th May 1876, died Sacramento, CA 5th March 1947).
1 Arthur Constantine Hillman. Born Eureka, CA 6th October 1909. Died Trinity Co, CA, 8th January 1992. Issue.
2 Wanda R Hillman. Born 30th September 1913. Died Trinity Co., CA 6th July 1984. Married Robert L Utley (born Arkansas 15th August 1910, died 2nd January 1983).
f Florence Adelia Hillman. Born Chippewa, WI, 21st October 1879. Died Solano, CA 30th July 1975. Married Chippewa, WI, 15th March 1900 Lewis Wright Fetterly (born Dixon, IL 15th October 1885, died CA June 1966).
1 Lewis William Fetterly. Born Wyoming, 29th February 1908. Died Los Angeles Co,.27th March 1955.
2 Gertrude Fetterly. Born ca. 1910. Died March 1993.
3 Robert Hillman Fetterly. Born 8th November 1912. Died California 18th May 1972.  Married Reno, Nevada 25th March 1948 Jane Ruth LaMunyan.  Issue.
William Washington Hillman. married secondly Chippewa, WI, 4th March 1881 Ellen Magdoline Radamacher (born Milwaukee, 14th November 1860, died Chippewa, 11th March 1947). 
g William Adolph Hillman. Born Auburn, WI, 11th May 1882. Died Eau Claire, WI, 13th February 1956. Married Chippewa, WI, 16th August 1916 Anna Gisvold (born Ishpeming, MI, 29th July 1891, died Eau Claire, WI, 28th December 1979).
1 Infant Hillman. Born Chippewa 15th March 1917. Died Chippewa 16th March 1917.
2 Jesse Gordon Hillman. Born Chippewa, WI 28th July 1918. Died Eau Claire, WI 26th June 1996. Married Chippewa, WI 3rd December 1939 Arvilla Eva Miller (born 22nd December 1919, died 31st December 2006: rip). Issue.
3 David Grant Hillman. Born Chippewa, WI 19th January 1920. Died Mesa, Arizona 30th April 1994. Married Jean Lowe (born 13th January 1922, died 19th August 1978). Issue.
4 Donald Jean Hillman.
G. Edwin Emmett Hillman. Born Albany NY 19th October 1841. Died Chicago, 28th December 1924. Married Darien, WI 16th December 1868 Sarah Jerusha Crocker (born Cazenovia, NY, 17th January 1852, died Darien, WI, 1st June 1881).
a Kathryn J Hillman. Born Darien, WI, 2nd July 1870. Died ca. 1898. Married Baton Rouge 25th July 1887, as his first wife, George H Staring.
1 Mae Luella Staring. Born Baton Rouge 24th January 1892. Died August 1979.
2 George Staring. Born ca. 1894. Died 11th December 1946. Married.
b Jane Ann Hillman. Born Darien, WI, 16th January 1872. Died Chicago, 1st May 1924. Married 24th December 1891 Charles H Langs (born Darien, WI, 11th August 1865, died Chicago 15th June 1937).
c Charles Arthur William Hillman. Born Darien, WI, 18th August 1879. Died Mount Prospect, IL, 30th June 1963. Married Delavan, WI, 1st May 1904, Aim e Sabrina Welch (born Darien, WI, 7th April 1884, died Park Ridge, IL, 16th January 1952).   
1 Margaret Doris Hillman. Born Chicago, 19th July 1905. Died 27th March 1988 Crystal Lake, IL. Married Chicago 6th October 1923 Harold Lothar Grafe (born Chicago 21st January 1903, died Crystal Lake, IL 18th October 1981). Issue.
2 Elizabeth Mae Hillman. Born Chicago 28th March 1907. Died Sun City, Arizona 21st May 1987. Married Michael Clifford Bell (born 27th May, 1899, died Phoenix ca. 1976. Issue.
3 Chester Edwin Hillman. Born Chicago 27th February 1914. Died 19th March 2001. Married Evanston 22nd January 1938 Carole Margaret Stephens (born Fulton Co., IL 30th August 1913, died Jerseyville, IL 15th March 1993). Issue.
H. Arthur Constantine Hillman. Born Albany, NY 14th December 1843. Died 19th October 1933 Davies(ville), CA. Married Portland, Oregon Jenny Thompson (born, per 1880 census data, Wales ca. 1853: died San Francisco 19th September 1895. Music teacher). The marriage seems to have been childless, but at the time of the 1880 census they were looking after the children of his brother George Whitefield Hillman 1833 - 1893 whose own wife had died 1871.   An inherited photograph of ACH, taken in his late middle age, shows a bald cheerful character.
I. Jesse van Loon Hillman. Born Albany NY, 23rd October 1847. Died Chicago, 9th March 1893. He emigrated temporarily to Chile, but returned to the mid west USA after a few years. Married Greenbush, NY 18th April 1876 Nellie Frances Groot (born 10th January 1853, died Oakland, CA,13th November 1908).
a Arthur Constantine Hillman. Born Santiago, Chile, 8th February 1878. Died San Francisco 9th July 1922. Married 1st October 1900 Chicago Helen Lew (born NY State, 1st January 1879, died Sta Anna, CA, 16th March 1927).
1 Arthur Lew Hillman. Born Cleveland 25th April 1902. Died San Francisco 1st June 1970. Married 16th August 1925 Carolyn Amelia West (born San Francisco, 9th January 1903, died Alameda March 1976). Issue.
2 Jessie Hillman.
3 John William Hillman. Born San Francisco 2nd January 1911. Died Newport Beach, CA 10th September 1963. Married firstly San Francisco 2nd January 1936 Alice Belmont Bazley. Issue. Married secondly Tangiers 1957 Beatriz Barreleas (born 2nd August 1915, died 5th January 2001). A qualified advocate and a teacher of international history by profession, in a moving tribute at her death, Beatriz was described by her nephew as "a very intelligent and witty lady".
b Jesse van Loan Hillman. Born Santiago, Chile, 9th January 1880. Died San Francisco 12th January 1942. The compiler is not clear precisely when the Dutch language spelling  'van Loon' was replaced by 'van Loan', but the spelling 'van Loan' is the spelling applied by current members of this Hillman branch, and was almost certainly the spelling used for himself by JvLH 1880 - 1942.
c Edwin James Hillman. Born, probably in Chile, 2nd October 1884. Died Angol, Chile, 17th February 1888. Buried Darien, WI.   
ii. Mary Hillman Born Castle Dawson 6th May 1807. She was confirmed Ireland 1824 immediately before the family emigrated, so probably accompanied her parents to New York state.   Nothing more is known of her, however.
iii. George Hillman. Born Castle Dawson 19th September 1809. Died 3rd October 1866, a passenger on 'The Evening Star' when she sank, en route from New York to New Orleans.  By 1849 he was Port Warden at New Orleans:  George Hillman listed in the 1851 New Orleans City Directory at 3 Duncan's Buildings, Exchange Alley was probably he. Married Eleanor (or Elinor) Coulson (born Baltimore, MD 29th December 1812, died New Orleans, 1st September 1862).
A. Elizabeth Hillman . Born New Orleans 24th July 1843. Died New Orleans June 1873. Married New Orleans, April 1866 her cousin, John Wesley Hillman (born Albany, NY, 29th March 1832, died Baton Rouge, 19th March 1915) concerning whom more details appear above.
B. Margaret Hillman. Born New Orleans 28th October 1845. Died 3rd October 1866, a passenger on 'The Evening Star' when she sank, en route from New York to New Orleans.
C. George Hillman. Born 4th December 1847. Died 3rd October 1866, a passenger on 'The Evening Star' when she sank, en route from New York to New Orleans.
D. Mary Hillman. Born New Orleans 1st September 1850. Died New Orleans 1st August 1851.
E. Elinor Hillman. Born New Orleans 27th May 1854. Died New Orleans 20th September 1858.
iv. Jane Hillman. Born Castle Dawson 13th or 23rd February 1813. Died Springfield, Vicksburg 31st July 1896. Buried with other family members Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS. (within the cemetery, Division "A" Square 179B, Lot 3) Married Mathew Orr (born Ireland ca. 1810).  
A. Mary Isabelle Orr. Born NY ca 1837. Married MS 22nd December 1855 Randolph G Reading.
a Maggie Reading. Born MS ca. 1860.  
b Arthur O(rr) Reading. Born AL ca. 1869.  
B. Eunice Jane Orr. Born NY ca 1841. Died 15th March 1877. Married 25th April 1856 Newitt Vick Lane.
a Jennie Orr Lane. Born MS ca. 1875.   Still alive 1898.  Married (possibly secondly ) ___ Dyer.
b Newitt Vick Lane. Died of yellow fever 1877.  
C. Arthur C Orr. Born New Orleans 17 October 1843. Died 17th February 1863. Buried Vicksburg MS.  
D. Mathew J Orr. Born 26th September 1848. Died 2nd May 1892. Buried Vicksburg, MS. Clerk at Cotton Compress. 
v. Thomas Hillman. Born Castle Dawson 3rd July 1815. Died Vicksburg, Mississippi 15th February 1884. In 1839 a Thomas Hillman briefly joined Arthur Hillman and John Hillman as a shoe maker in Washington Street, Albany, NY. Presumably this was he, joining his father and brother in business before moving south. Thomas Hillman's funeral was financed by Mathew Orr & his mother, which was our first intimation (subsequently well corroborated) that his sister Jane Hillman / Orr had lived long enough to emigrate from Ireland and marry, producing in due course a family of her own.  
vi. Hercules Hillman. Born Castle Dawson 13th November 1818. Died Lake Providence, LA 1859. Lake Providence Postmaster in 1843-4.   Married firstly  21st May 1843 East Carroll Parish, LA Sarah Jane Morgan (born ca. 1820: died 18th September 1854).  
A. William Arthur Hillman. Born before 1850. Died before1860. 
B. Arthur Hercules Hillman. Still alive in 1859.  
Hercules Hillman.  Married secondly, shortly before he died, Isabella ____ .  
vii. Eunice Hillman. Born Castle Dawson 26th May 1822. Died 5th April 1892. Buried with other family members Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS. Married William Hugh Nelson
A. William J Nelson. Born July 1853. Died 2nd May 1855. Buried Vicksburg, MS
B Hercules Nelson. Born ca. 1855. Still alive 1892 but died before 1900. Married Jenny R ___ (born ca. 1857)
a John A Nelson. Born MS ca. 1888.  
b Isabella Nelson. Born MS ca. 1890.  
C. John W Nelson. Born 5th May 1856. Died 25th March 1902. Buried Vicksburg, MS.
D. Charles R Nelson. Born 15th March 1858. Died 26th June 1904. Buried Vicksburg, MS.
viii. Margaret Hillman. Born Albany, NY 28th August 1824. Died Vicksburg March 1868. Married A B Reading.    
        ix. Dr Constantine Arthur Hillman. Born NY State 16th August 1827. Died San Francisco 27th December 1858. He cut short his medical studies to enlist for the Mexican War. Wounds acquired at "The National Bridge" (presumably a battle site) may have hastened his death. His address, when he died, was 146 Sacramento Street, San Francisco.    
x. Samuel Hillman. Born NY State December 1832. Died Albany, NY December 1836.
b. Margaret Hillman, Born 20th July 1757. Died 1st February 1834. Married 12th November 1786  Robert McCrory (born 15th February 1764, died 9th November 1840). 9 recorded children.
1. Mary Macrory. Born 24th May 1789. Died 30th November 1877. Married James McMullen. Issue.  
2. Jain  Macrory. Born 3rd January 1791. Died Howth, Co Dublin 8th October 1869. Married Walter Boyd. Issue.
3. Robert Macrory. Born 4th June 1797. Died 12th December 1880. It was apparently he who changed the spelling of the name Macrory. Married 28th July 1831 Anna Martin (born 12th May 1805). They have many descendants (including Professor Richard Brabazon Macrory, since 1999 Professor of Environmental Law at University College, London).
4. Adam John Macrory. Born 13th May 1799. Died 28th March 1881. Buried Dublin. Married Jane Wright. Issue.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be added in response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator marks (e.g.  A, a, 1, i, A, a, 1, i) do not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.

The starting point for these data is the research notes inherited from Eduardo Haviland Hillman 1874 - 1947. Additional information and inspiration has been contributed in abundance by many - kinsfolk and other genealogists and enthusiasts - including Alberto Brenner, Tony Dardeau, Maribeth Edwards, Bobbie Ferguson, Mildred Gunn, Art Hillman, Dave Hillman, Dick Hillman, Fred Hillman, Ralph Hillman, Muriel Horner, Robin Knox, Wesley Knox, Rhett Langston, Rob Liskey, Henry Macrory, Patricia McAllister, Carol Owens, Mary Lois Ragland, Mary Gale Rogers, Shirley Sisk, Judith Speirs, Marion Speirs, Tom Speirs, Su van Sickle and the excellent  Findagrave website. The compiler records his gratitude to each of these, and begs forgiveness from others who have contributed to these data, but are not currently acknowledged here.

There is little available published information on this family branch. However, "The Frost Genealogy" (1912 by Josephine Frost) includes a couple of relevant paragraphs of text, as well as a rather fine portrait, opposite page 222, of Eduardo Haviland Hillman 1874 - 1947.

For one more than averagely  rewarding Eureka moment touching these researches, I am grateful to the researchers and record holders who support the  Vicksburg Genealogical Society in the state of Mississippi: landing on their website proved, for me, a particularly rewarding outcome to the click of the mouse.

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