The Genealogy of the Hall Family from Bristol.

John Hall of Dundry, Somerset. Born ca. 1635. His relationship to his son, as shewn herein, is unproven.

Thomas Hall. Born Chew Magna, Somerset ca. 1660.   Evidence that he was father to John Hall is circumstantial, not 'proven'. 

John Hall Born about 1686. Married to Elizabeth Shewring (born about 1680), daughter of Daniel Shewring and Elizabeth Freind.  Her identity has been derived by Hazlehurst Beezer from the will, dated 1741, of her son George Hall, and confirmed from her father's own will. 


George Hall. Born 1st June 1708. Will signed Bristol 2nd December 1740 and proved 28th July 1741.   


John Hall. Baptised 5th January 1710 (Gregorian). Died Stokes Croft, Bristol 16th October 1784. Grocer of the city of Bristol. Apprenticed 1724 to William Salmon, Grocer. Freeman of the city of Bristol 13th January 1731. Will dated 5th February 1782 and proved 16th February 1786. He built the Hall family vault at Lewin's Mead burial ground, Brunswick Square, Bristol (destroyed by city planners 1982): John Hall was the first of many family members to be buried there. Married ca. 1734 Bristol Hannah Abbott. Marriage settlement deed dated 18th September 1734.   


Robert Hall. Born 12th November 1735 about 1.33 pm. Baptised Lewin's Mead, Bristol 1st December 1735. Died Bristol 6th February 1800. Woollen draper. Became a burgess of Bristol 13th January 1757. One of the four executors under his father's will. Married Christchurch, Bristol 20th August 1761 Mary Webb (born during or before 1740, died 28th March 1776). She was daughter to Edward Webb, watchmaker.


George Webb Hall. Baptised 15th April 1765. Died about 22nd April 1824. Will (short and genealogically uninformative) dated 14th February 1824 and proved 1st April 1824. Farmer, solicitor and leading anti Corn Laws protester. Ian Anderson writes "In 1802 George Webb Hall of Sneed Park, Bristol, invested GBP 5,000 in a flock of 400 pure merino sheep and crossed them with Rylands with excellent results. The idea was not to supersede the use of Spanish [i.e. Merino type] wool but to counteract the spirit of monopoly which prevailed in the trade and in case relations with Spain were broken off".   A prominent and energetic Bristol citizen, he also "turned the first sod to begin the construction of the project of making Bristol a non tidal port, on the 1 May 1803. The day the project was completed, in 1809, a huge feast was thrown with two roast oxen, a mountain of potatoes, six hundred weight of plum pudding and a gallon of slingo (strong beer) each. The press gang had to be called to quell the resulting fighting."
Later he became Chairman Agricultural Associations in Great Britain. GWH died, according to a newspaper report dated 11 March 1824,  of a head injury received when he fell off a horse. It seems he survived after that accident for about three weeks, though the fact that he had drawn up his will a few weeks earlier suggests that he may already have been unwell. Married St Nicholas, Bristol 14th April 1792 Maria Gresley (born 1767: died 28th September 1825), eldest daughter of John and Maria Gresley.

1. Maria Hall. Born 3rd February 1794. Died 18th December 1868.
2. Charlotte Hall. Born 11th January 1795. Died Stoke Bishop 26th June 1860.
3. George Webb Hall. Born Abbot's Leigh, Bristol 28th August 1796. Died (unm) Sneed Park 3rd December 1843. Will signed 13th November 1836 and proved by the oath of his executor and brother John Robert Hall 13th January 1844. He took over the management of his father's farm in 1824 and fiercely advocated the merits of the Merino sheep type. However, possibly on account of a distant volcanic eruption, the English climate was harsh in the 1820s, and he was finally forced to switch to a hardier sheep breed. His will stipulates he be buried at Lewin's Mead congregation's burial ground.
4. Samuel Hall. Born 20th October 1797. Died Portishead 19th November 1865.
5. Catherine Hall. Born 26th April 1801. Died Clifton 24th July 1887.
6. John Robert Hall JP Baptised Lewin's Mead 29th October 1802. Died before 1876. Parliamentary Agent. Married Northfleet, Kent, August 1830  Lucy Tilden (born Northfleet ca. 1807, died Paddington 23rd July 1890).
a. John Tilden Hall. Born Pimlico 18th August 1831. Died Pimlico 21st October 1835.  
b. Lucy Amelia Hall. Born Pimlico 23rd  June 1835. Died 29th July 1846.
c. Catherine Victoria Hall. Born St John's Wood, Marylebone 10th June 1838. Died Hythe 14th September 1924.
d. George Webb Hall. Born St John's Wood 13th January 1845. Died Southampton 17th April 1876.
e. Robert Gresley Hall. Born Marylebone  8th October 1848. Died 27th December 1922. Established R G Hall & Co at Wapping. Commercial Trader, specialising in various commodities including tea and coffee. Married Hampstead 10th February 1876 Louisa Eleanor Annie Barber (born 27th April 1855: died 3rd January 1943).
i Eleanor Gresley Hall. Born Marylebone 11th February 1877. Died San Remo, Liguria 19th March 1931. Married Kensington 12th January 1904 George Herbert Cuming Butler (born 12th August 1871).
ii Agatha Catherine Hall. Born Marylebone 4th February 1878. Died Paris 20th April 1950. Married Kensington 5th December 1908 Lewis Erle Shore (born 5th July 1863: died 27th July 1944). Issue.
iii Edith Margaret Hall. Born Marylebone 20th July 1882. Died Minehead, Somerset 26th August 1965. 
f. Emily Sophia Hall Born 40 Grove End Road, Marylebone 3rd February 1850. Died Grove End (?House), Sutton 11th July 1898. Married Sutton, Surrey 1st February 1872 John Routledge Bosworth M.R.C.S. (born ca. 1846, still alive 1901). Surgeon.
i Ethel Lucy Bosworth. Born Sutton, Carshalton, Surrey 16th November 1872. Died December 1968.
ii Helen Pauline Bosworth. Born Sutton 14th August 1874. Still alive 1901.  
iii Emily Bosworth. Born ca. 1877. Died Sutton 27th December 1882. 
iv Gladys M Bosworth. Born ca 1879. Still alive and apparently unmarried 1924 when she witnessed her brother's marriage.
v Gordon John Hall Bosworth. Born ca 1884. Married St Edmes's(?) Westminster 2nd February 1924 Vera Dennison.   
7. Georgiana Hall. Born (according to the family bible and her tomb inscription) Abbots Leigh 18th April 1804. Died 25th December 1894 or 1895. Married Little Plumstead, Norfolk 20th January 1841 as his second wife Charles Frederick Timus (born 16th July 1805, died Bedford 5th December 1875), book seller of Bedford who later founded the Bedfordshire Times.
a. Charlotte Gresley Timus. Born St Peter's, Bedford 29th July 1842. Christened, like her sisters, at the Moravian Church, Bedford 17th August 1842. Died 20th May 1869.
b. Lucy Maria Hall Timus. Born 19th November 1845. Christened 28th December 1845. Still alive 1927.
c. Sarah Frances Timus. Born St Peter's, Bedford 1st August 1847. Christened 17th August 1847. Died 1st February 1933.     
8. Mary Hall. Born Abbots Leigh  21st May 1805. Died Weston super Mare 2nd March 1889.
9. Amelia Hall. Born Abbots Leigh  4th February 1807. Died Sea Mills, Bristol 7th December 1854.
10. Sarah Hall. Born Abbots Leigh  3rd June 1811. Died Belfast 17th April 1840.

Maria Hall. Baptised 17th December 1766. Died ?1851. Married George Peppin (born ca 1759, will proved London 31st December 1823).  

1. George Hall Peppin. Born Dulverton, Somerset, England 15th February 1800. Died Australia 16th April 1872. Married Harriet Thompson (born 1798, died 1st August 1885) The excellent Walkabout Travel website includes the following: "George Hall Peppin and his two sons were experienced English sheep breeders who settled at ... Wanganella station [near Deniliquin, NSW] in 1858. Dissatisfied with the yield and quality of wool from the merino, they channelled their efforts into developing a new breed that was better adapted to Australian conditions, larger of frame and able to yield a greatly improved quality and quantity of wool. Their successes constitute the foundation of Australia's reputation as a quality wool exporter. Peppin sheep now predominate among the flocks of South Africa, New Zealand and South America and 60-85 % of Australian merinos have Wanganella blood." It has been alleged that he emigrated in order to get away from his creditors in England. Nevertheless, he is celebrated by a memorial window at All Saints' Church in Dulverton. 
a. George Peppin. Born Dulverton 17th August 1826. Died Melbourne, Victoria 18th June 1876. Married 1852 Maria Bowen Smith (born England 1822, died Melbourne 1912).
i Mary Elleney Peppin. Born 31st July 1853. Married Dudley Keele.  
ii Catherine Louisa Peppin. Born 20th May 1855. Died 26th August 1905. Married James McCrae (born 20th July 1853, died 28th March 1892).     
(A.) James Leslie McCrae Born 31st January 1881. Died 20th January 1943. Married 6th September 1909 May Emily McLean (born 31st March 1880, died 22nd April 1919. Issue.  
iii George Frederick Peppin. Born 20th April 1857. Married 1890 Barbara McCrae (born 1857). Issue. 
iv Ella Rose Peppin. Born 16th April 1859. Died of Measles, London, England 11th May 1875.  
v Henry Gerard Peppin. Born 30th May 1861.  
vi Maria Gertrude Peppin. Born 14th October 1863. Married Edward Keele. Issue.     
b. Frederick Peppin. Born Somerset 1828. Died Fernbrook 2nd September 1911. Married 1862 Sarah Ellen Morgan (born 1835, died 25th April 1910).   
i Ellen Harriette Peppin. Born Melbourne 14th December 1863. Married 29th November 1901 William Crawford. Issue.     
ii Frederick George Peppin. Born 3rd July 1865. Died 1937. Married 1912 Rosa Margaret Burton Lamond. She was the widow of William Fleming Hopkins 1864 - 1900
iii Morgan Peppin. Born 14th July 1867. Died 27th July 1911. Married Sydney 3rd December 1901 Catherine Scanlon (born 1876, died ?31st December 1932). Issue.     
iv Emily Isabel Peppin. Born 10th May 1869. Died ca. 1948. Married Godfrey Desailly.      
v Guy Peppin. Born 11th December 1874. Died 3rd August 1948. Married Melbourne 2nd April 1913 Elsie Begg (born 23rd March 1885, died ca 1967). Issue.      
2. Maria Anne Peppin Born ca. 1802. Died 17th April 1803.  
3. Harriot Peppin Born 12th October 1804. Died (unm) 1835.  
4. Robert Hall Peppin Born and died 1806.  
5. Caroline Sarah Peppin Born 7th June 1807. Married William Simpson. Surgeon.    
6. Henry Hall Peppin Born Dulverton ca. 1809 Yeoman. Married Dulverton 16th December 1833 Charlotte Gibson (born Dulverton ca 1810) 
a. Charles Peppin. Born Dulverton ca. 1835.  Lived at one stage in Brisbane. 
b. Arthur Peppin. Born Dulverton ca. 1837.  
c. Harriet Caroline Peppin. Born Keynsham, Somerset 8th November 1838. Died Melbourne 22 June 1920. Married  30th May 1855 at Kyneton, Victoria, Australia, George Govett (born Tasmania 8th July 1826: died Brunswick, Victoria 30th January 1896).
i George Govett. Born 8th May 185_. Died 12th August 1927. Married Amy Elizabeth Matthews (born ca. 1858, died 23rd December 1922).     
(A.) George Govett Born 9th January 1883. Died ca. 1938. Married Lily Ann Baldie. Issue.  
(B.) Denzil Suckling Govett Born 3rd August 1884. Died 3rd February 1942. Married Eilean Gwennie Watson (born 17th April 1897). Issue.  
(C.) Alexander William Govett Born 15th March 1887. Died 16th October 1975. Married Helena Baldie. Issue.  
(D.) Harriet Amy Maud Govett Born 15th March 1887. Died 29th July 1963.  
ii William Highett Govett. Born 20th March 185_. Died 6th November 1941. Married Lydia Ann Machin (born ca. 1858, died 27th March 1938).      
(A.) Charles Machin Govett Born 8th October 1900. Died Echuca 9th April 1949.  
(B.) William Highett Govettt Born 1st May 1904. Died 11th October 1964. Married Pearl May Philips (born 5th May 1904, died 29th May 1986). Issue.  
iii Mary Govett. Born 22nd December 1859. Died 27th May 1876.
iv Alice Harriet Govett. Born 17th November 1861. Died 11th April 1954. Married William H R Forsyth. Issue.
v Harriet Caroline Govett. Born 22nd January 1864. Died 8th March 1926. Married Evan James. (died 29th October 1911).Issue.
vi John Govett. Born 1st March 1866. Died 3rd January 1924. Married Letitia Alice Stewart. (born ca. 1868, died 5th January 1919).
(A.) Alice Maytheilde Govett Born ca. January 1892. Died 15th October 1897. Buried Melbourne.  
vii Arthur Edward Govett. Born 25th July 1868. Married Elsie Maud Smith.
viii Robert Govett. Born 16th May 1871. Died 31st July 1924. Married Clara Maud Jackson. (born 19th March 1874).
(A.) Robert Charles Govett Born 10th December 1902. Died 1st November 1989.  
ix Charles Henry Govett. Born 16th December 1873. Died 7th February 1897.
x Elsie Maude Govett. Born 19th October 1876. Died 14th September 1956. Married Arthur Wornall Jackson.
(A.) Elsie Harriet Jackson Born 20th August 1912. Died 25th April 1986. Married with issue.  
xi Charlotte Eliza Govett. Born 6th March 1880.
xii Georgina Govett. Born 30th January 1885. Died 11th August 1979. Married Alexander William Chelberg. (born 22nd February 1880, died 14th April 1966).Issue.
d. Maria Eliza Peppin. Born Keynsham, Somerset 19th December 1841. Married Christopher Dugdale Smith. Issue.  
e. George Webb Hall Peppin. Born Keynsham 14th January 1844.
f. John Gibson Peppin. Born Keynsham 14th January 1844.
g. Charlotte Peppin. Born Keynsham, ca 1847.  

Samuel Hall. Baptised 20th January 1768. Buried Lewin's Mead  19th July 1826. Wool merchant specialising in Spanish wool who operated from Quay Street in Bristol. 


George Abbott Hall. Born 18th April 1737. Baptised Lewin's Mead Nonconformist Chapel, Bristol, England 3rd May 1737. Died SC 1st August 1791. First appears in South Carolina 1755 as witness to a deed in July 1755. Granted tract of land at Beaufort, SC 9th November 1764. Part owner of a ship named the St Helena. [The Science Museum in Kensington, London has, under the curatorship of Mr Peter FitzGerald, a black and white photograph of a (probably slightly fanciful) painting of the St Helena. If anyone knows where the painting itself is, the compiler would like to hear from you. The painting is  reproduced in Charleston's Maritime Heritage 1670 - 1865 by P C Coker.] He lived, it seems, sometimes in SC and sometimes in Bristol, but by the time of the Revolutionary War he was active on the Patriot side. Exiled to St Augustine, Florida between November 1780 and June 1781. Married SC 14th February 1764 Lois Matthews (born England ca. 1740, died Charleston 12th May 1781), grand daughter to London originating emigrant Anthony Matthewes 1661 - 1735. Joseph Johnson reports that GAH left "a large family of children, but ... was too exemplary, in his public offices, to leave them any other inheritance than his good name."


Elizabeth Hall. Born Charleston, SC 5th March 1765. Died Burlington, NJ 21st December 1831. Married Charleston 29th May 1788  Robert Hazlehurst (born Manchester, England 26th March 1755, died Burlington 24th January 1825).

1. Juliana May Hazlehurst. Born 2nd December 1789. Died Philadelphia 23rd February 1859.
2. Lois Hall Hazlehurst. Born 29th July 1791. Died Philadelphia 25th March 1855..
3. Elizabeth Rutledge Hazlehurst. Born 18th November 1792. Died Charleston 7th March 1761. Married 29th May 1824 as his second wife Thomas Hutchinson Deas (born ca. 1780, died 15th November 1859) whose first wife had been her youngest maternal aunt, Caroline Hall (see below).
a. Robert Hazlehurst Deas. Born 6th January 1827.
b. Elizabeth Hazlehurst Deas. Born June 1829.
4. Mary Hazlehurst. Born 2nd March 1794. Died Philadelphia 23rd January 1877.
5. Robert Hazlehurst. Born 28th September 1795. Died Macon, Bibb, GA 26th May 1864. Married firstly Charleston 20th March 1817 Elizabeth Petingale Wilson (died 21st November 1830).  
a. Sarah Simmons Hazlehurst. Born 20th April 1817. Died Dade, GA 19th December 1874. Married GA 8th October 1838 George Houston (died FL 13th March 1881).    
b. Elizabeth Mary Hazlehurst. Born 20th April 1819. Died Macon, GA 23rd July 1883. Married as his second wife 2nd October 1843 Increase Cook Plant (born New Haven, CT 27th February 1814, died Macon, GA 16th November 1892). He was a succesful banker. G S Dickerman records that "he sometimes referred with pardonable pride to the fact that no bank which he controlled had ever experienced any financial embarassment".     
i Mary Hazlehurst Plant. Born before 1847. Married Macon, GA 6th October 1875 Marshall de Graffenried (born 21st February 1834, died 18th May 1898). Issue.  
ii Robert Hazlehurst Plant. Born GA 21st December 1847. Died 21st May 1904. Commissioned 'House of Plant' by G S Dickerman. Married 25th July 1871 Margaret Redding Ross (born GA 30th May 1852, died 26th January 1917).
(A.) Mary Ross Plant Born GA 27th June 1872. Died 2nd October 1895. Married 19th April 1893 as his first wife Wallace Eugene McCaw (died 4th October 1933).   
(B.) Elizabeth Hazlehurst Plant Born GA 20th July 1879. Married 29th April 1897 her sister's widower, Wallace Eugene McCaw (died New York 4th October 1933). 
(1.) Margaret Ross McCaw, Married Robert Hall Smith. Issue.  
(2.) Wallace Eugene McCaw, Born 15th November 1898. Died 10th August 1979.  
(C.) Margaret Alice Plant Born 4th October 1881.
(D.) Robert Hazlehurst Plant Born 12th December 1883. Died 14th April 1927. Married  Waldron Roberts (born 14th January 1886, died 26th January 1933) Issue.  
(1.) Waldron Roberts Plant, Born 17th March 1908. Died 30th September 1950.  
(E.) Fanny Ross Plant Born 17th September 1885.
(F.) Flewellyn Plant Born 17th March 1888.
(G.) Viola Ross Plant Born 29th May 1889.  
(H.) Martha Ross Plant Born 28th January 1892. 
(I.) Graeme Dickerman Plant Born Macon, GA 25th September 1894. Died April 1964. 
(J.) Mary McCaw Plant Born 8th October 1896.
iii George Henry Plant. Born 11th August 1849. Married 21st November 1873 Minnie Louise Wood
(A.) Leila Bond Plant Born 10th July 1886. Married 22nd March 1911 Frank Lawrence Fenn (born 9th October 1885: died 30th August 1966). 
(1.) Frank Lawrence Fenn, Born Macon, GA 25th March 1912. Died 31st August 1984. Married with issue. 
(B.) George Henry Plant Born Macon, GA 25th October 1888. Died probably MD August 1962.   
(C.) Percy Hazlehurst Plant Born 11th October 1893. Died GA 10th March 1964.
iv Elizabeth Wilson Plant. Married Alonzo D Schofield. Issue.  
c. Leighton Wilson Hazlehurst. Born 20th August 1820. Died 2nd August 1882. Married 30th March 1843 Mary Jane McNish.
i Elizabeth Pettingill Wilson Hazlehurst. Married 17th January 1872 William Berrien Burroughs (born Savannah GA 7th April 1842.) 
(A.) Josephine Hallett Burroughs Born 15th January 1877. Died 23rd May 1965. Married Clyde Afton Taylor (born  6th May 1871, died 14th September 1954).  
(1.) Clyde Afton Taylor, Born 5th January 1900. Died 15th November 1992.  
(2.) Elizabeth Hazlehurst Taylor, Born 5th July 1901. Died 19th August 1975. Married 7th May 1924 Ernest Ogg Houseman (born 30th April 1895, died December 1977).     
ii John McNish Hazlehurst. Born 21st April 1847. Died 1st July 1884.
d. Robert Hazlehurst. Born 21st April 1823. Physician. Married Catherine du Bignon (born France ca. 1822). Probably parents of Nathan Hazlehurst (born ca. 1861).     
e. George Hall Hazlehurst. Born 22nd June 1824.  Married firstly 15th May 1858 Irene Nesbit (died Macon, GA 9th May 1873 aged ca. 77).                       
i James Nesbit Hazlehurst. Born 14th January 1864.    
ii Frances Wingfield Hazlehurst. Born 2nd March 1867.
iii Leighton Wingfield Hazlehurst. Born 17th July 1869.  
  George Hall Hazlehurst married secondly Josie Wingfield (died Chattanooga, TN 22nd June 1882).  
iv Sarah Harriet Hazlehurst
v Louisa Wingfield Hazlehurst
f. William Simmons Hazlehurst. Born 30th November 1825. Died Westchester, Penn. 9th February 1837.
g. Julian Hazlehurst. Born 27th July 1827. Died GA 4th May 1840.   
h. Harriet Octavia Hazlehurst. Born 28th January 1829. Died Macon, GA 11th May 1868. Married firstly Clement B Babbitt (died 17th July 1857).            
Harriet Octavia Hazlehurst. married secondly Macon 24th February 1863 William Randolph Fleming.          
i Julian Hazlehurst Fleming. Born 12th October 1864.
ii Sarah Houstoun Fleming. Born 26th December 1867. Died February 1912. Married 18th November 1885 as his first wife Sen. William Gibbs McAdoo (born Georgia 31st October 1863, died 1st February 1941) Democratic Politician.
(A.) Harriet Floyd McAdoo. Born 7th October 1886. Died, possibly in Pennsylvania, 19th November 1973. Married Charles Taber Martin. Issue. 
(B.) Francis Huger McAdoo. Born 25th March 1889. Died 5th February 1980. Married  
(C.) Julia Hazlehurst McAdoo. Born 10th February 1892. Died 31st July 1892. 
(D.) Nona Hazlehurst McAdoo. Born 8th June 1893. Died 17th October 1971. 
(E.) William Gibbs McAdoo. Born 10th May 1895. Died 28th November 1960. Married with issue.    
(F.) Robert Hazlehurst McAdoo. Born 23rd November 1900. Died 10th January 1937. 
(G.) Sarah Fleming McAdoo. Born 25th March 1904. Died 19th September 1953. Married 9th November 1928 Brice Clagett (1889 - 1951).     
(1.) Brice McAdoo Clagett.  Born 1933.  Died Washington 8th April 2008.   Distinguished lawyer and scholarly genealogist. Married with issue.
i. An Infant Born 21st November 1830. Died in infancy.  
Robert Hazlehurst married secondly 12th May 1835 Frances Louisa Nicolau (born ca. July 1814, died 1st September 1867).  
j. William Hazlehurst. Born 13th April 1836. Married 15th December 1865 Rosalie Crockford
k. Frances E ("Fannie") Hazlehurst. Born 17th April 1838. Married 16th October 1858 John B(?olton) Habersham (born ca. 1822). Both still alive Glynn, GA 1880.
l. Caroline C Hazlehurst. Born 17th May 1840. Married (probably) secondly Frank Huger
m. Frederick Winthrop Hazlehurst. Born 2nd August 1843.  
n. Pinckney Alston Hazlehurst. Born 18th November 1846. Died of Malaria 13th November 1877. He died intestate. Aside from land, principal assets at death included 13 mules and a mare along with 21 sheep, ca. 45 hogs and ca. 100 cattle. Married Emily Tison (born 28th November 1853, died 10th November 1877). 
i Pinckney Alston Hazlehurst. Born 2nd November 1874. Baptised St Mark's Episcopal church, Brumswick, Glynn Co., GA 21st May 1875. Drowned St Simon's Island 10th June 1895.
o. Ellen Douglas Hazlehurst. Born 18th April 1850. Married November 1870 William Nightingale.
i Frances Nicolau Nightingale. Born 20th September 1871. 
p. Stephen Nicolau "Tivi" Hazlehurst. Born 3rd August 1854. Died 11th August 1856.  
6. George Abbot Hazlehurst Born 6th September 1797. Died 10th April 1858. Married 9th February 1823 Mary Mortimer
a. Elizabeth Christiana Hazlehurst. Born 2nd June 1824. Married J LeBruce.  
b. Martha Mortimer Hazlehurst. Born 21st June 1827. Died Charleston September 1858.  
7. Caroline Hazlehurst Born 31st October 1799. Died ca. April 1802.  
8. Sarah Harriet Hazlehurst Born 19th August 1805. Died February 1853. 

Twin. Born and died Bristol, England 6th August 1766.


Twin. Born and died Bristol, England 6th August 1766.


Sarah Hall. Born Bristol 16th July 1767. Died 1855.   


Maria Ann Hall. Born Charleston 29th August 1769. Died 8th April 1831. Married Charleston 19th March 1795 John Stanyarne Brisbane (born probably 1773, will dated 27th August 1849 and proved 1st October 1850). 6 recorded children.


Dr George Hall. Born Charleston 25th August 1771. Died 8th January 1829. Married  27th February 1806 Ann(a) Dawson (born April 1774, died January 1843).

1. Georgianna Ann Hall Born 26th May 1807. Died 26th February 1870. Married 26th April 1831(future) Governor Francis Burt (born 13th January 1807, died Nebraska 18th October 1853). First governor of Nebraska, Francis Burt died of illness two days after taking the oath of office.  
a. Francis St Julien Burt. Born 17th March 1832. Died July 1850. 
b. Georgianna Burt. Born 2nd December 1833. Died 10th March 1882. Married 29th October 1854 William H Dawson. (born SC ca. 1827: still alive 1880)  
i Frances Burt Dawson. Born 29th November 1855. Married Augustus Fitch.  
(A.) Francis Burt Fitch. Born ca. 1875.    
(B.) Augustus Fitch. Born ca. 1878.    
(C.) Moseley Fitch. Born 4th August 1882.    
(D.) Elizabeth Fitch.
ii Charles Postel Dawson. Born SC 4th January 1858. Died 1883.  
iii Joanna Martha Dawson. Born 5th January 1863.
iv John Lawrence Dawson. Born 6th Augusut 1866.  
c. Harriet Giroud Burt. Born 13th January 1835. Married 12th July 1868 D M Young.
i Eliza Young. Born 1869. Died 10th September 1870.    
ii Annie Burt Young. Born 20th November 1870.   
iii Dillard M Young. Born March 1872.   
iv Frank Burt Young. Born 15th August 1874. Died 4th May 1896.  
d. Armistead Burt. Born 30th September 1837. Married Laura Rippetoe. Issue.   
e. Joanna Lois Burt. Born 14th September 1839. Married 26th February 1879 George Roberts. Issue.   
f. Katharine Burt. Born 8th July 1842.
g. Mary Eliza Burt. Born 28th September 1846. Died 7th September 1878. Married 27th June 1871 William A Johnstone.    
i William Burt Johnstone. Born 17th September 1872. Married Susan Forrester.    
ii William Webb Johnstone. Born 22nd January 1876. Died 23rd December 1892.  
h. Francis Burt. Born 7th May 1849. Married 1881 Minnie Nutting. Issue.   
2. John Dawson Hall Born 3rd August 1809. Married firstly Charleston 21st April 1837 Septima Thayer
John Dawson Hall married secondly 27th April 1842 Mary Bryan.   
a. John Dawson Hall. Died early 1860s. 
b. George Abbott Hall. Died in childhood. 
c. William Hall.  
3. Joanna (Lois) Hall Born 14th September 1811. Died 1856. Married 23rd January 1834 Samuel Allen Townes  
a. Byron Townes. Born 11th January 1835. Probably died in infancy.
b. Frances Townes. Born 4th April 1837.
c. Samuel A Townes. Born 25th May 1840. Married with issue.  
d. Georgianna Townes. Born 31st August 1842.   
e. Henry H Townes. Born 15th August 1845.
f. George Franklin Townes. Born 11th February 1849.
g. John Allen Townes. Born 18th December 1850.
4. George Abbott Hall Born 28th October 1813. Died 1814.  

Louisa Harriet Hall. Born Charleston 18th March 1773. Died 1st October 1849. Married  6th December 1798 as his second wife Nathaniel Ingraham (born Boston 6th January 1761, died at sea - Bay of Biscay - 28th February 1818). 

1. Charlotte Maryatt Ingraham. Born 3rd January 1800. Died Charleston 12th August 1848. Married Charleston 26th August 1819 Francis Symmes Bonneau.(born ca. 1795).
a. Elizabeth Cox Bonneau. Born ca. 1820. Died 25th November 1895. Married Charleston 7th July 1851 Henry Goodwin Judd.  
b. Francis Nathaniel Bonneau. Born Charleston ca. 1824.
c. Louisa Ingraham Bonneau. Born Charleston 15th November 1828. Died Summerville, SC 13th June 1916. Married Charleston 4th January 1855 Matthias Edward Hutchinson (born 5th March 1832, died Summerville 6th September 1893).
d. Catherine Johnson Bonneau. Born ca. 1831. Died 22nd October 1854. Married Edward Thomas Hughes.  
2. John Hazlehurst Ingraham. Born Charleston 14th February 1801. Died 22nd June 1822. Buried St Michael's, Charleston.
3. Duncan Nathaniel Ingraham. Born Charleston 2nd December 1802. Died Charleston 16th October 1891. Married 26th May 1830 Harriet Horry Laurens (born Charleston 10th July 1813, died Charleston 16th November 1888).  
a. Elizabeth Rutledge Ingraham. Born 15th September 1832. Died 15th July 1904. Married Henry Buist (born 25th December 1829, died 8th June 1887).  
b. Louisa Ingraham. Born Charleston 8th May 1834. Died 2nd October 1885. Married Charleston 30th May 1861 Jasper Hall Whiting  
c. Duncan Nathaniel Ingraham. Born 11th February 1836. Died 29th June 1836.
d. Henry Laurens Ingraham. Born 14th May 1838. Died 9th July 1878. Married Sarah Harleston Moultrie (born 12th November 1838, died 4th May 1910).  
e. Harriet Horry Ingraham. Born ca. 1839. Married Wilburn Briggs Hall (born ca. 1835).
f. John Hazlehurst Ingraham. Born 12th April 1841.
g. Eleanor Laurens Ingraham. Born 16th March 1842. Died 13th April 1919. Married 10th June 1866 Philip Gadsden Hasell (born 9th December 1837, died 24th October 1899).
i Henry Laurens Hasell. Born ca. 1880. Died 19th November 1933. Buried Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston.  
h. Charlotte Maryatt Ingraham. Born 24th October 1845.Married 1st December 1896 Henry C James (born ca. 1843).  
i. Frederick Laurens Ingraham. Born Charleston 22nd April 1848. Married Mary Bell Thomas.
j. Caroline Burney Ingraham. Born 17th May 1851. Died 25th May 1931. Married 12th May 1877 Henry Campbell King (born 27th May 1852, died 18th December 1932).  
4. George Hall Ingraham. Born Charleston 23rd July 1804. Died Charleston 27th December 1887. Married 14th November 1827 Mary Rachel Gaillard (born 1808, died Charleston 13th September 1894).      
a. Mary Louisa Ingraham. Born 22nd June 1830. Died 17th March 1833.     
b. Rebecca Gaillard Ingraham. Born Charleston 19th December 1831. Died 1st June 1894. Married firstly 5th April 1853 Ketson Box (born England 26th June 1825, died 1st August 1858).     
i George Henry Box. Born 2nd July 1854. Died 30th July 1854.  
ii Rose Marie Box. Born 17th June 1855. Died 1941.
iii Mary Juliet Box. Born 1857.  
Rebecca Gaillard Ingraham married secondly 19th April 1877 Fred L Childs (born ca. 1841, died 10th June 1894)    
c. George Hall Ingraham. Born 9th November 1833.
d. Henry Ingraham. Born 4th June ?1836.     
e. Duncan Nathaniel Ingraham. Born 14th July 1838.
f. William Gaillard Ingraham. Born 25th May 1841.  
5. Juliet Hall Ingraham. Born Charleston 4th July 1806. Died SC 23rd December 1885. Married 15th November 1845 as his second wife Dr William Lennox Moultrie (born 29th January 1800, died Charleston 18th May 1865).
a. Eleanor Catherine Moultrie. Born and died ca. 1845.    
b. Mary Louisa Moultrie. Born Charleston 31st December 1846. Died 9th February 1926. Married 23rd December 1869 Isaac Ball (born 21st April 1844, died 26th March 1933).      
i Isaac Ball. Born ca. 1870. Died ca. 1946.     
ii Julia Ball. Born ca. 1872. Died ca. 1964. Married with issue.      
iii William Moultrie Ball. Born 6th September 1873. Died 10th March 1937.      
iv Dr James Austin Ball. Born 19th June 1875. Died 16th September 1956. Married Dorothy Thomson.          
(A.) Robert Thomson Ball Born 5th May 1921. Died 12th August 2002. Married with issue. 
v William McBurney Ball. Born ca. 1877. Died in infancy.     
vi Loti Moultrie Ball. Born ca. 1878. Died ca. 1968.      
vii Frances Guerin Ball. Born ca. 1880. Died in infancy.       
viii Nathaniel Ingraham Ball. Born ca. 1881. Died ca. 1962. Married 1910 Susan Magdalene Porter. Ancestor of author & journalist Edward Ball who wrote 'Slaves in the family'.   
(A.) Nathaniel Ball Born 25th May 1911. Died July 1986.  
(B.) The Rev Theodore Porter Ball Born 12th November 1913. Died July 1971. Remembered with much affection by members of his congregation at Savannah. 
(C.) Magdalene P Ball Born 20th July 1916. Died February 1986.  
ix Alexander Kelsall Ball. Born 16th March 1883. Died 15th September 1958. Married Emily H Clarkson.      
(A.) Isaac Rhett Ball Born ca. 1913. Died January 2001. Married with issue.  
x John Coming Ball. Born 3rd October 1885.      
xi Sarah Harleston Ball. Born 29th July 1888. Died 19th February 1979. Married John Ferrars Townsend (born 22nd April 1880, died 31st January 1962).
(A.) John Ferrars Townsend Born 18th June 1914. Died 27th July 1975.  
(B.) James Moultrie Townsend Born Charleston 30th October 1921. Died 14th May 1991. 
xii Charlotte Ingraham Ball. Born ca. 1890. Died May 1975.     
6. Louisa Harriett Ingraham. Born Charleston 18th March 1808. Died SC 5th April 1894. Married 8th December 1830 Thomas Morritt Hasell (born 18th March 1805, died SC 2nd April 1847).
a. Hugh Dawes Hasell. Born 11th July 1832. Died 5th October 1832. 
b. Margaret Dawes Hasell. Born 7th November 1833. Died 26th August 1838.  
c. Thomas Morritt Hasell. Born 23rd November 1835. Died 14th June 1874. Married Charleston 16th September 1858 Sarah Ann Knox (born Charleston 10th May 1839, died 13th October 1887).  
i Sarah Louisa Hasell. Born Charleston 22nd July 1860. Died 22nd April 1938. Married Woodbury Ransom Collins (born 6th September 1861, died 18th March 1917). Issue.   
ii Jessie Hasell. Born 11th December 1861.   
iii T Morritt Hasell. Born 12th October 1868.Married Ann Campbell Reid. Issue.   
iv George Gardner Hasell. Born ca. 1871.  
v Ann Gardner Hasell. Born ca. 1873. Died 28th May 1874.  
d. Philip Gadsden Hasell. Born Charleston 9th December 1837. Died Charleston 24th October 1899. Married 10th June 1866 his first cousin Eleanor Laurens Ingraham (born 16th March 1842, died 13th April 1919). Issue as above.  
e. James Fisher Edward Hasell. Born Charleston 16th Dcember 1839. Died Charleston 5th September 1875. Married Charleston 18th December 1866 Elsie Holmes Edwards (born Charleston 16th September 1844).  
f. Nathaniel Ingraham Hasell. Born Charleston 30th October 1841. Died GA 31st December 1912. Married Catherine LaBruce Mortimer (born Charleston 22nd March 1847, died 23rd February 1907). Issue.  
g. Cornelia Ioor Hasell. Born 6th November 1843.  
h. Melvin Godley Hasell. Born 21st October 1845. Died 24th December 1885. Married 9th January 1868 Morton W Wilson.
7. Rufus William Ingraham. Born 12th January 1811. Drowned Charleston Harbor 29th July 1830.
8. Eliza Marie Ingraham. Born Charleston 28th March 1814. Died Charleston 3rd December 1893. Married 29th March 1838 Alonzo James White (born Charleston 23rd March 1812, died Charleston 1st July 1885). Issue.  
a. Abbot Brisbane White. Born 25th December 1838.  
b. Martha Allston White. Born Charleston 21st October 1840. Died Charleston 25th September 1919. Married ca 1862 George Lamb Buist (born Charleston 4th September 1838, died Charleston 30th May 1907). Issue.      
c. William Moultrie White. Born 6th August 1852. Died ca. 1904. 
d. Louisa Hall White. Born 6th August 1852.  

Juliet Hall. Born 19th June 1774. Died (unm) Boston 1811.  


Major John Ladson Hall. Born 2nd October 1775. Died Sullivan Island, Charleston 1831. He recruited the Italian musicians that formed the first US Marine Corps Band during a cruise to the Mediterranean and became the third highest ranking officer in the US Marine Corps during the War of 1812. Married 1805 Hetty Willis Broom, 'from New York', daughter to Abraham and (probably) Elizabeth Rumsey.  

1. James Broom Hall. Born 16th February 1821. Died 8th March 1901. Ian Anderson reports that he seems to have had a string of grocery stores in New York in the 1850s/60s.  Married 1849 Evelin Pelletrau.
a. Charles Henry Hall. Born New York 8th May 1850. Died 9th March 1928. 
i Harold Edwin Hall. Born New York 16th January 1896. Died March 1987. Married Violet Agnes Tierney (1887 - 1952).
(A..) George Abbott Hall Born New York 14th January 1915. Died VA 1st November 1996. Married Avonelle T Thackson (born Texas 22nd October 1918, died 2nd September 2001). Issue. 

Robert Gibbes Hall. Born Charleston 14th August 1777. Died 1780.  


Harriet Hall. Baptised 9th February 1779. Drowned in a boat accident Ashley River, SC probably 1795 (though one source, her sister Elizabeth's diary, states that she drowned in the Santee River).  


Caroline Hall. Born May 1780. Died 1813. Married 23rd October 1805 as his first wife Thomas Hutchinson Deas (born ca. 1780, died 15th November 1859).        

1. Thomas Allen Deas. Married ?Caroline Lea.
2. Caroline Hall Deas. Married Octavius Huger Dawson.
a. Emma Joanna Dawson. Married Henry Harrison Hall (born Bermuda 18th November 1847)
He probably does not descend from the branch of Halls treated in the rest of this page
i Huger Tudor Hall. Born 16th July 1877. Died 1st August 1930.  Married Anna Lebby Aldrich (born 30th April 1878: died 20th April 1954). 
(A.) James Aldrich Hall Born SC 10th November 1904. Died California 26th August 1962. Married Orie Estelle Walpole (born Texas 23rd January 1908, died 6th December 1955. Issue.   
(B.) Dr Huger Tudor Hall Born Aiken, SC 19th March 1908. Died 25th July 1957. Married Jessie Addison (born 24th December 1910:  died March 1981). Issue. 
3. States Gest Deas. Born SC ca. 1814. Died ca. 1897. Married Mobile, AL 1837 Emilie E (?)Clins (born ca. 1822, died ca. 1860).
a. Caroline C Deas. Born AL ca. 1838. Married Felix H Aubert (born AL ca. 1838). 
i Elina (?or Helena) A Aubert. Born 16th July 1877. Died 1st August 1930. Married Anna (?Lebby) Aldrich (born 30th April 1878: died 20th April 1954).   
ii Felix M Aubert. Born AL ca. 1874.   
iii Alice D Aubert. Born AL ca. 1876.   

John Abbott Hall. Born 28th December 1738. Baptised Bristol 16th January 1739 (Gregorian). Died of small pox 20th June 1741. In the family bible his father wrote that "a pretty desirable Child he was, & much to be lamented. O may I learn instruction from this melancolly providence & so live now that I may be happy with him in the great Day".


Sarah Hall. Born 4th March 1740 (Gregorian). Baptised Bristol 20th March 1740.  Married St Mary le Port, Bristol 20th October 1767 to John Vowell (died before ca. 1804).


Sarah Vowell. Married Richard Clarkson ca. 1799.


Eliza Vowell.


John Abbott Hall. Born 30th June 1741. Baptised Bristol 16th July 1741. Died 1788. Grocer. He may have suffered from ill health. Probably emigrated ca. 1760. Joseph Johnson writes of the three brothers George Abbott Hall, Daniel Hall and John Hall that "they were natives of Bristol, in England, relatives of General Gadsden; all engaged in mercantile pursuits, and all firm patriots. John Hall removed to Georgia, and left a family there" (Page 32 "Traditions and Reminiscences" by J Johnson). However, the time of his death in 1788 it appears, from his will, that John was out of contact with any surviving stateside family, and living at Overton on the Gower Peninsular (south Wales), a short boat trip across the Bristol channel. 


Mary Hall. Born 17th October1743. Baptised Lewin's Mead, Bristol 3rd November 1743. Died of small pox 30th September 1745.


William Hall in later life of East Stonehouse, nr Plymouth, Devon. Born 5th January 1744. Will signed 5th June 1820 and proved 3rd May 1821. Clothier. Married Ann (will proved 1836). Wills indicate no surviving issue.   


A daughter was born 21st April 1746 and died, apparently unbaptised, 5th May 1746.  


Nathanial Hall. Born 9th June 1747. Baptised Bristol 26th June 1747. Died Nassau, Bahamas 8th July 1807. Hazlehurst Beezer writes, "While his brothers were all involved on the patriot side in the revolution, Nathaniel, 120 miles to the south, in Savannah, was Pay Master General of the Tory government of Georgia. Georgia was the only state to have a Tory government [which] lasted about a year before [Nathaniel] found himself on the wrong side. He then went to Jamaica and eventually Nassau. At about the same time that George Abbott Hall was becoming Collector of Customs for SC, his brother was doing the same in Nassau. Nathaniel married well into a patriot family with connections to Lois Hall [Lois Matthewes, wife to George Abbott Hall] 's family. His will indicates no children and he leaves money to all his nieces and nephews, indicating that there was no alienation between the brothers over politics." Married Georgia 19th August 1774 Anne Gibbons (died Nassau 16th February 1817), daughter of Joseph Gibbons. 


Thomas Hall. Born 2nd November 1748. Baptised 21st November 1748. Mariner. Still alive 1784.


Daniel Hall. Born Bristol 22nd March 1750 (Gregorian). Died Charleston 6th April 1811. Buried St Michael's. First went to SC possibly as early as 1760. He fought on the Patriotic side in the Revolutionary War.  His father's will bequeaths Daniel's share of the family inheritance not to Daniel but to his wife probably, according to Hazlehurst Beezer, to minimize the risk that Daniel's portion might be forfeited to creditors.   The war was hugely disruptive of trade, and at the time when the will was written Daniel seems to have been in financial difficulties, from which it appears he subsequently recovered.  (Also, wholesale confiscations of mercantile assets were a British tactic in wartime Charleston, including an incident involving 180 barrels of rice then in the possession of Daniel Hall.)  Married St Philip's, Charleston 23rd February 1775 Susannah H Matthews (born 22nd February 1758, died Charleston 26th October 1846, buried St Michael's), daughter of William Mathewes by his second wife, Edith Stanyarne. G S Dickerman charmingly reports an encounter between Susannah and a British guard during the  War: "Mrs Daniel Hall, having obtained permission to pay a visit to her mother at John's Island, was on the point of going when an officer demanded the key to her trunk. "What do you expect to find there?" she asked. "I seek for treason," was the reply. "You may save yourself the trouble of search then," said Mrs Hall; "you may find a plenty of it at my tongue's end."".


Anna Hall. Married Charleston 26th December 1799 Thomas Thomson.  


Eliza Maria Hall. Baptised St Phillip's, Charleston 19th April 1777. Married firstly Charleston 19th December 1799 Robert Daniell Lawrence.     

1. Daniel Hall Lawrence. Born 16th November 1800. Died 15th January 1801. 
2. Susan Ann Lawrence. Born 29th January 1802. Married 22nd January 1818 as his second wife Thomas John Gantt
3. Robert Daniell Lawrence. Born 21st September 1803. Died 24th October 1841. Married Hannah Ainslie Brailsford.   
a. Eliza Susan Lawrence. Born 17th March 1821. Died 31st May 1910. Married 1st May 1844 James Charles Sidney Moore (born 10th May 1819, died May 1875).
4. Hall Mathews Lawrence. Born 5th July 1805. Died 9th July 1806. 

Eliza Maria Hall   married secondly 18th March 1813 Isaac Couturier. Issue.      

5. Isaac Robert Couturier. Born 18th February 1814.

Susan Matthews Hall. Baptised Charleston 19th April 1777. Married Charleston 26th Dcember 1799 Peyre Gaillard.      


A son was born 9th May 1751and died, apparently unbaptised, 30th May 1751.


Joseph Hall. Born 12th August 1752. Baptised Bristol 1st September 1752. Died 29th October 1752.


Joseph Hall. Born 10th July 1754. Baptised Bristol 23rd July 1754. Buried 9th November 1827. One of the four executors under his father's will. Grocer (like his father). Married St Giles, Cripplegate, London 2nd November 1780 Mary Mayor (born ca. 1761: buried 2nd December 1836).


Mary Anne Hall. Baptised 16th September 1781. Married ___ Smith.   Issue.


Thomas Mayor Hall. Baptised 21st November 1783.   Died, possibly, Trinidad 1810.   He may be the master of His Majesty's schooner "Elizabeth" whose death at the stated age of 26 was reported in The Gentleman's Magazine Vol 80 Part 2 (1810)


Henry Hall. Baptised 11th January 1784.  


Charles Mayor Hall Born 11th March 1786. Died Tidenham, Chepstow, England 27th August 1877. Married Tidenham 10th April 1810 Sarah James (who apparently had disappeared from the scene by 1851). 

1. John James Hall. Born ca 1811. Died Tidenham 17th January 1878. 
2. Joseph Hall. Born ca 1816. Still alive 1851.  

Emma Hall Born 4th March 1787.


Joseph Mayor Hall Born Bristol, England 22nd September 1789. Died Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 5th November 1858. The emigrant to Australia. Married Paddington, England 20th February 1817 Elizabeth Bramwell (born ca. 1791, died Melbourne 27th November 1850).  

1. Henry Hall. Born Bristol, England 1818. Died Melbourne, Australia 13th September 1875. Married Westbank, Keelbundora, Victoria 27th September 1853 Sarah F Dean  (born ca. 1827).  
a. Louisa L Hall.
b. Francis Hall. (1854 - 1916)    
2. Elizabeth Hall. Born Bristol 1820. Died St Kilda, Melbourne 5th October 1903. Married Melbourne 31st May 1845 William H Tuckett.
3. Joseph Mayor Hall. Born Bristol 5th June 1822. Died Victoria 7th December 1883. Married Melbourne, 5th July 1856 Catherine Caroline Hennessy  (born ca. 1831). 
a. Edith Evangeline Hall. Born ca. April 1857. Died Sutherlands Creek 28th March 1858.
b. Wilfred Nathaniel Hall. Born  1858. May have married 1885 Mary Beatrice Virtue.
c. Cornelia Alice Hall. Born Geelong 1860. Married Peradenia 17th March 1886 the Rev Arthur J Wade.
d. Augustine Louis Hall. Born Steiglitz 1861. Died 1945. Married 1883 Elizabeth Baker.  Issue.
i Herbert Louis Horace Hall. Born Anakie 1884. Died 1947. Married with issue.  
e. Bernard Alfred Hall. Born ca. 1864. Died 1933. Married Letitia ____.
f. Edith Constance Hall. Born Steiglitz. 1867. May have married Kyneton 1888 George Cowie Morrison.
g. Sydney Cyril Hall. Born Steiglitz 1869.
h. Arthur Athol Hall. Born  1871.
i. Henry Mayor Hall. Born Anakie 1870.
4. Mary Mayor Hall. Born Bristol 1824. Died Melbourne 1st April 1872. Married Heidelburg, Vic. 1840 Joseph R Tuckett.  Issue.
5. Thomas Hall. Born Bristol 1826. Died Geelong, Vic. 14th March 1877. Married Victoria 8th March 1854 Annie Thomson  (born Glenmuik, Aberdeen 28th November 1826, died NSW 23rd June 1885).  
a. Alexander C Hall. Born Victoria ca. 1855. Died Victoria 7th May 1936. Married Victoria 8th July 1883 Ann Georgian Orr. Issue.
b. Elizabeth Bramwell Hall. Born Victoria 26th April 1857. Died Sydney 7th March1949. Married Ashfield, Sydney 11th September 1885 William Anderson (born Melbourne 1st April 1847, died Sydney 28th February 1930).
i William Thomas Anderson. Born Sydney, NSW 15th June 1886. Died Sydney 16th August 1968. Married 7th October 1931 Gladys E Gibson (born 26th November 1895, died 24th August 1974). Issue.  
ii Annie Barbara Anderson. Born Sydney, NSW 24th September 1888. Died Sydney 18th November 1977. 
iii John Thomson Anderson. Born Sydney, NSW 30th October 1891. Died Sydney 24th November 1977. Married firstly NSW 31st July 1919 Vivienne Thelma Dunn (born NSW 18th July 1894, died NSW 5th June 1923).
(A.) Ian William Anderson Born Picton, NSW 28th June 1920. Died NSW 5th June 2002. A much valued genealogist. Married with issue.  
John Thomson Anderson married secondly 10th March 1927 Edith Maclean (1900 - 1986). Issue.  
c. Henry W Hall. Born Victoria ca. 1858. Died Victoria 31st January 1896. Married Victoria 19th March 1884 Mary Dann. Issue.
6. Clara Ellen Hall. Born 1830. Died 1913.     Married firstly 5th January 1858, as his second wife, Charles Robert Swyer.  Issue.  Married secondly Richard Moore Treacy

Francis "Frank" Mayor Hall Born August 1791. Died Winterbourn, Glos., England 1st March 1876. Grocer.  Married near Monmouth August 1816 Frances Rosser.

1. Joseph Henry Hall. Born (per age at death) ca. 1818. Christened 9th July 1820. Died of Phthisis (consumption) Trelleck (near Monmouth) 2nd June 1867.   
2. Frances Mary Hall. Christened 9th July 1820. Died Mary le Port Street, Bristol 24th December 1857. Married Bristol 1843 (it would appear) her first cousin, Frederick James Thwaites (born ca. 1820: died probably Summer 1870). Grocer. 
a. Frederick Francis Henry Thwaites. Born St James, Bristol 2nd February 1844.  
3. Lydia Louisa Hall. Christened 30th June 1829. Still alive 1901. Married St Mary le Port, Bristol 5th October 1852 Samuel Joseph Staniland Surgeon (born Fareham, Hampshire ca. 1832, still alive 1901).  
a. Louisa Ann Helen Staniland. Born  Cardiff 20th August  1853. Married Kensington September 1877 Dr William French Thurston (born ca.1862: died California 3rd February 1934).  Louisa was apparently not with her husband when, a few years later, he turned up in Rockhampton, Australia in or before 1880.
b. Florence Frances Staniland. Born Bute Docks, Cardiff 22nd September 1854. Died Hallen, Henbury, Bristol 27th June 1889.    
c. Samuel Hall Staniland. Born Llandaff 19th December 1855.  
d. Edith Mary Elizabeth Staniland. Born Yoxall, Staffs 28th January 1857. Still alive 1901. 
e. Annie Marie Staniland. Born Yoxall, Staffs 6th June 1858.   
f. Marianne Fannie Reed Staniland. Born ca 1860. Died Hallen, Henbury, Bristol 5th May 1889.  
g. Samuel Mayor Hall Staniland. Born Burnham, Somerset 6th September 1861.
h. Ernest William Staniland. Born White's Hill, St George, Clifton 23rd February 1863.  
i. Meaburn Francis Staniland. Born Gt Ouseburn, Yorks 13th October 1867. Died 18th December 1939.  Married  Sturminster Newton, Dorset 16th April 1901 Freda Madeline Howitt Leach (born Sturminster, Dorset 27th August 1874: died Bristol district 7th November 1927) daughter of Dr John Comyns Leach.
j. Kate Ethel Staniland. Born Bow, Devon 14th February 1869. Still alive 1901.   
k. Emily Maude Staniland. Born Bow, Devon 23rd March 1870.  

Louisa Hall Born 18th December 1792. Died Clifton 10th June 1848. Married 1811 George Thwaites (Will proved 3rd April 1850) Linen Draper of Bristol.     

1. George Henry Kendrick Thwaites. Born Bristol 1811. Died Kandy, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 11th September 1882. Accountant and noted itinerant botanist. When his father's will was proved, it was recorded on the court's copy that he was in Ceylon. 
2. Frederick James Thwaites. Born ca. 1820. Married Bristol 1843 (it would appear) his first cousin Frances Mary Hall (born ca. 1820, died probably early Summer 1870). Issue (see above).
3. John Brock Hall Thwaites. Died Clifton 1865. Married St Pancras, Middx 21st June 1849  Minerva Upward. (ca. 1815 - 1873). Issue.  
a. George Henry Thwaites. Born Bristol 1850.

Clara Ann Hall Born 26th March 1801.  


Elizabeth Mayor Hall Born 7th June 1803.   Died May 1858.  Married Bristol 18 March 1823 Samuel Johnson.   Issue.


Luke Hall. Born 10th October 1755. Died ca 1804. Prosperous haberdasher of 46 Gutter Lane, London.     


Robert Hall. Born 1713. May well have died late 1720s.


Sarah Hall. Baptised 17th February 1716 (Gregorian). Died 5th April 1804. Married the Rev William Waldron (born ca. 1715, died 27th January 1794), Pastor of the General Baptist Church of Christ, Trowbridge Wiltshire, England. 5 recorded children.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be added in response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator mark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever) does not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.

The starting point for these data is inherited family records, collected and collated by Eduardo Haviland Hillman 1874 - 1947.  Large amounts of information, genealogical wisdom, and inspiration, in support of the information included here, have also been received from living kinsfolk (and others) to whom the compiler is hugely grateful.  These generous folks include the late Ian Anderson, Hazlehurst Beezer (HB), Brice Clagett, Bruce Elder, Bill Fenn, Bet Girardeau, Anne Hanson, Richard Hall, Tudor and Kathleen Hall, Marc Hillman,Terry Hockley, Bill Houseman, Margaret McLauchlan, Robyn Newman, Jack Richards, Lynn van Rooijen, John Schneider,  Peter Delley, Ian Timus, Debra West, Margaret Winmill, and Amy Hedrick who runs the Glynn Co., GA web pageResidual errors are, of course, the compiler's own responsibility, but he does not currently know just where they have persisted. Corrections, especially where sourced, are therefore always welcome.

The compiler pays particular tribute to the genealogical research work of Ian William Anderson 1920 - 2002 of New South Wales. Ian's own web site was for several years a mine of information on this branch of Hall descendants. Unfortunately, following Ian's death his own website is no longer online: we are grateful to his step son for endorsing our own view that Ian would be pleased to see some of his work perpetuated, as herein. We also believe that the core of Ian's work was uploaded by him to Rootsweb, and may still be incorporated there in the WorldConnect database.  

Michael Brandon-Jones is currently progressing a scholarly study of George Webb Hall 1765 - 1824 and has been generous in sharing fruits of his researches.   His transcription of a sheet probably from the family bible of John Hall 1708 - 1784 (and maintained by some members of subsequent generations of the family in England) proved particularly informative.   His insights have, however, been wide ranging, so highlighting just one aspect of his help does understate the extent of his contribution, which has also included supplying large amounts of independent corroboration from primary sources.

Robyn Newman has written 'Lines from Central' about the New Zealand branch of the Rev. Waldron's descendants: she plans a second publication about members of the Rev. William Waldron's family who lived in southern England, in Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire.

On the stateside aspects of this family, the most comprehensive of the relevant published sources identified is, 'House of Plant' by George Sherwood Dickerman, published 1900, and noteworthy especially  for some of the engaging anecdotal elements appearing in the main text and appendices. Aspects of the detail in that volume nonetheless need to be viewed with caution.  Reference has also been made to "Traditions and Reminiscences of the American Revolution" by Joseph Johnson.  Johnson was born 1774:  his father, William Johnson, was an associate of George Abbott Hall 1737 - 1791.

The inclusion, as early as the 1740s, of middle names in English language names - as here in 'George Abbott Hall' and 'John Abbott Hall'  - is unusual at least outside the European royal families:  it might be assumed that several members of the earlier generations recorded herein received the middle name Abbott only retrospectively.   However, as HB points out, George Abbott Hall and John Abbott Hall both had the middle name 'Abbott' included in their baptismal record: subsequently that middle name repeatedly turns up during their lifetimes (eg in various documents signed by George Abbott Hall and in John Ab. Hall's inclusion as a member of  the committee to enforce the nonimportation plan in 1769 - according to " History of South Carolina Under the Royal Government" by Edward McCrady).   Use of the 'Abbott' middle name, denoting (presumably) a wish to highlight Hall family connection to Hannah Abbott's family, is no doubt significant. Insights as to why that should be will be gratefully received.

Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Charles Hillman.

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