The Genealogy of the Brisbane Family in South Carolina


A. William Brisbane, Christened Glasgow High Church 20th October 1670. Died 6th September 1733. Married ca. 1700 Catherine Paterson. 9 recorded children.
a. Walter Brisbane, Born 3rd March 1706. Burgess of Glasgow. Married Margaret Paterson.  
1. Robert  Brisbane.  Reportedly died unmarried and insane at the Manse of Strathblain 9th September 1807
2. Mary Brisbane.  Born 19th March 1766. Died 13th June 1806.  Married 6th January 1794 Dr James Jeffrey.   
i. Margaret Anne Jeffrey Born ca. 1801.
b. Robert Brisbane, Christened Glasgow High Church 1st January 1708 (Gregorian). Will proved (unm) Charleston 18th December 1781. Emigrated Charleston ca. 1733. One of the founders of the Charleston Library Society in 1748.
c. William Brisbane, Christened Glasgow High Church 2nd October 1709. Died while visiting Scotland May/June 1771. Emigrated Charleston ca. 1732. Married firstly 18th October 1733 Charleston Margaret Stewart (born ca, 1719, died Charleston 14th April 1760).
1. James Brisbane.  Born Charleston 1734 or 1735. Died Nassau 26th February 1794. There are nineteenth century references to his having invented a machine for the better harvesting or processing of rice. He found himself on the losing side (or, initially at least, insufficiently supportive of the ultimately victorious side) in the Revolutionary War, and was banished from his plantation 1776. When the British reoccupied Charleston he was appointed sheriff 1780 till (formally) 1783. He therefore was banished again 14th December 1782 and probably then went to Britain. He turned up in Nassau 1787.  Married firstly Rebecca Baker (died January 1772). Probably at least 4 children of whom 2 died before reaching adulthood.
i. William Brisbane Born Charleston 25th November 1759. Died 9th December 1821. Buried St Paul's Charleston. Having no children of their own, he and his wife adopted two sons of two of William's half brothers. These were William Brisbane 1809 - 1860 (see below) and William Henry Brisbane 1806 - 1878 (see below). The younger boy arrived first in 1812, and it was in order to reduce confusion that the ultimately better known adoptee took the middle name Henry. Such evidence as survives suggests an element of rivalry between the two younger Williams. Later, one of the boys would write of William the adopter that "tho' not remarkably pious, [he was] yet one of the most excellent men I ever knew, in whom was combined almost every quality worthy of admiration". William Brisbane 1759 - 1821 married St Paul's Parish, SC 22nd January 1795 Mary Ash Deveaux (born ca. 1770, died 26th April 1845 Charleston). Later one of her adopted sons would write that "not withstanding her faults...[she]... was amiable, kind, charitable, affectionate and forgiving".
ii. Robert Brisbane Born ca. 1761. Will dated 12th June 1804 and proved 31st July 1804.
. James Brisbane 1734/5 - 1794 married secondly Sarah ("Sally") Stanyarne (born ca. 1738, died January 1776). 
iii. John Stanyarne Brisbane Born Charleston ca. 1773. Will proved Columbia, SC 1st October 1850. President 1842 St Andrew's, Ashley and Stono Agricultural Society.  Married Charleston 19th March 1795 Maria (Ann) Hall (born 29th August 1769, died 8th April 1831)
A. Sarah Harriet Brisbane. Born ca. April 1797. Died Edisto Island, SC probably on 14th August 1828. Married Charleston 17th October 1816 Alexander Gillon (born Charleston 9th April 1795, killed in a duel with Mr Charles Wilson Edisto Island 12th July 1832).
a Anna Maria Gillon. Born 25th November 1817. Died 26th March 1900. Married firstly, probably as his second wife,  Stratford, Conn., 28th May 1838  John C Benjamin (born Stratford, Conn., 11th July 1802, died Stratford, Conn., 22nd September 1846).
1 Alexander Gillon Benjamin. Born 2nd January 1839. Died 6th December 1840.
2 Elvira Nicholl Benjamin. Born 27th November 1840. Drowned Sullivan's Island, SC, while saving the life of a child 14th August 1884. Eduardo Hillman writes that a beautiful memorial window has been erected to the memory of her heroic deed in the little chapel of the Holy Cross, Sullivan's Island.
3 Alfred Alston Benjamin. Born 2nd January 1842. Died probably ca. 1858.
4 Anna Elizabeth Benjamin. Born 3rd January 1844. Died ca. 1910. Married George W Scott. 2 recorded children.
i Annie Gillon Scott. Died ca. 1959. Married Theodore D Armour.
5 John Anna (or Johanna) Benjamin. Born Brooklyn, NY 17th September 1846. Died Sumter, SC, 30th October 1917. Married firstly Charleston 4th April 1867 William Henry Fishburne (born Charleston 2nd May 1846, died Dorchester, SC 2nd February 1891).
i Elizabeth Brisbane Fishburne. Born Charleston 3rd December 1869. Died 4th October 1898. Married 13th February 1890 Theodore du Bose Ravenel (born ca. 1863, died Charleston 25th January 1944).  
(a) Theodore du Bose Ravenel. Born Charleston 30th November 1890. Died (kia) France 10th November 1918. Married Alice Fishburne Childs. Issue.   
(b) William Francis Ravenel. Born and died on the same day ca. 1893.  
(g) William Fishburne Ravenel. Born Charleston 17th November 1895. Died June 1983.  Married Eleanor Laurens Hasell (born Charleston 6th November 1895, died April 1982). Issue.   
(d) Samuel Fitzsimmons Ravenel. Born Charleston 27th September 1898. Died  November 1976. Married Kitty Brown. Issue.   
ii William Henry Fishburne. Born 20th June 1871. Died 11th June 1874.   
iii Harriet Chalmers Fishburne. Born Charleston 26th February 1873. Died 31st October 1957. Married Sumter 17th August 1904 Washington Loring Lee (born Charleston 16th November 1875. Died 10th July 1960.)
(a) William Fishburne Lee. Born Charleston 23rd July 1905. Died 12th September 1906.
(b) Pauline Loring Lee. Born 3rd February 1907. Died 9th February 1986. Married Sumter 20th August 1930 Francis Marion Dwight (born 13th October 1899, died 9th March 1981). Issue.   
(g) Washington Loring Lee. Born 30th September 1908. Died 13th October 1992. Married Summerville 16th September 1931 Elizabeth Caldwell Smyth (born 6th July 1909, died 18th March 2000). Issue.    
iv Ella Benjamin Fishburne. Born 1st November 1874. Died 30th October 1876.  
v Charles Cochran Fishburne. Born Cordesville, Charleston 25th May 1876. Died ca. 1954.  Married Sumter 14th September 1898 Virginia Alma Ingram. 10 recorded children.
(a) Alma Ingram Fishburne. Born Cordesville 7th July 1899. Died February 1904.  
(b) Mary Stuart Fishburne. Born Sumter 7th March 1901. Died 9th December 1981. Married Herbert T Phillips.      
(g) Charles Cochran Fishburne. Born Sumter 7th March 1901. Died  December 1973. Married Middleburg, VA 29th May 1945 Dora Agnes Eirene Mayers. (born Barbados 7th November 1901).
(d) Harriet Ingram Fishburne. Born 5th May 1905. Died  16th October 1996. Married Paul Morrison Patterson. Issue.    
(e) William Henry Fishburne. Born Columbia 1st December 1906. Died 7th March 1990. Married Elinor Reed Hinnant). Issue.  
(ζ) Georgie Ingram Fishburne. Born 16th January 1909. Died 1941. Married William Andrew Foran. Issue.  
(h) Robert Purdy Fishburne. Born Columbia 23rd January 1911. Died  14th December 1996. Married 20th July 1943 Emily L'Artigue Griffin. Issue.   
(θ) John Ingram "Jack" Fishburne. Born 7th December 1913. Died 14th June 2002. Married Jane Dubose Register (born 29th April 1912, died October 2003). Issue.    
(ι) Virginia Anne Fishburne. Born 26th October 1915. Married Marshall LeRoy Reed. Issue.   
(κ) Benjamin Gillon Fishburne. Born 19th March 1918. Died 10th March 1987. Married Iva Belle Seale (born 12th July 1924, died December 1989).  Issue.   
vi John Benjamin Fishburne. Born Summerville 8th February 1878. Died Sumter 18th August 1927. Married Sumter 7th November 1901 Jane Bentley Gibson. (born Charleston 8th January 1880, died Columbia 31st January 1953). 5 recorded children.
(a) Anna Benjamin Fishburne. Born 4th November 1902. Died 4th August 1995. Married firstly 17th June 1925 John Ingram Blanding. (born 30th January 1900, died 11th August 1940). Issue.   
(b) Mary Tennant Fishburne. Born Florence, SC 12th December 1904. Died 6th June  1991.    
(g) John Benjamin Fishburne. Born Florence, SC 17th December 1908. Died  August 1995. Married firstly 15th March 1938 Virginia Blakeney DeLoache. (born 8th October 1910, died 17th January 1964). Issue. He married secondly 13th November 1965 Frances Bradford Kerlin who died 20th April 1971. He married subsequently 27th August 1988 Margaret Merry Rebholz (born 6th October 1909, died July 1992).    
(d) Bentley Gibson Fishburne. Born Little Rock 6th September  1914. Died 1st April 2002. Married 24th June 1940. Emily Elaine Hasell (born 15th January 1919: died 15th July 2007). Issue 
(e) Henry Gordon Fishburne. Born Memphis, TN 5th June 1917. Died Sumter 18th May 2010. Married 2nd September 1949 Faye Elizabeth Andrews. (born 9th October 1920, died 12th January 2009). Issue.
vii Mary Talbot Fishburne. Born 20th October 1879. Died 25th September 1881.  
viii Alexander Gillon Fishburne. Born Summerville 22nd January 1883. Died Sumter 11th October 1951. Married 16th February 1911 Jane Hutchinson Owen (born Wolviston, Co Durham, England 24th January 1887, died Sumter 7th May 1977). 4 recorded children.
(a) Alexander Gillon Fishburne. Born Sumter 23rd May 1912.  Died  19th May 1972.  Married 23rd November 1939 Mary Elizabeth Daughtrey (born 3rd April 1917: died 16th March 1993). Issue.    
(b) Henry Burnett Fishburne. Born Sumter 14th November 1916. Died  4th September 1986. Married 18th May 1946 Amy Perry Allston (born 22nd August 1921, died 30th October 2003). Issue.     
(g) Mary Elizabeth Fishburne. Born Sumter 25th December 1917. Died  Sumter 4th November 1995. Married Sumter 30th November 1940 Byron Blasdell Harder. (born 23rd September 1917, died Moultrie, GA 22nd September 1964). Issue.   
(d) Loring Lee Fishburne. Born Sumter 8th November 1926.  Married Hickory NC 11th August 1956 Ellen Osborne Murr. (born Hickory 2nd December 1933: died Winston, Salem,  NC 29th January 2005). Issue.   
ix Thomas Fishburne. Born 16th May 1884. Died 10th June 1884.  
Anna Maria Gillon. 1918 - 1900 married secondly 2nd December 1851 Thomas Nathaniel Farr.
6 Thomas Nathaniel Farr. Born 26th October 1852. Died St Cloud, FL, 27th March 1927. Married 16th July 1897 Ethelyn Libby (born Exeter, Maine 9th September 1876). 5 recorded children.  
7 Katherine Sarah Farr. Born 5th July 1854. Died young.    
b Sarah Brisbane Gillon. Born Charleston 24th July 1819. Died Pineland, SC 9th October 1830.
c Alexander Gillon. Born Charleston 23rd August 1821. Died Port au Prince 25th February 1874. Married ca. 1869 Lise Bart.
1 Marie Gillon.     
d Brisbane Gillon. Born Middletown, Conn., 11th November 1824. Died Middletown, Conn., 21st March 1825.
B. John Wilson Brisbane. Born ca. 1800. Died Charleston, 28th August 1833. Married Goose Creek 22nd March 1827, Mary Susannah Gillon (born Charleston 8th July 1793, Litchfield, Conn., 21st November 1851): she was his sister's husband's sister.
a Mary Susannah Brisbane. Born 14th June 1828. Married Litchfield, Conn., 3rd June 1847  Gideon Hiram Hollister (born Washington, Conn., 14th December 1817, died Litchfield, Conn., 24th March 1881).
1 Gertrude Hollister. Born Litchfield, Conn., 18th May 1848. Died Litchfield, Conn., 13th September 1849.     
2 Abbot Brisbane Hollister. Born 5th August 1850. Died Milwaukee 24th June 1859.  
3 Robert Treate Hollister. Born Litchfield, Conn., 25th March 1856. Died Litchfield, Conn., 24th January 1866. 
4 John Brisbane Hollister. Born Litchfield, Conn., 19th June 1860. Died 20th March 1931. 
b Maria Hall Brisbane. Born 14th June 1831. Died Litchfield, Conn., 17th January 1863. Married  Litchfield, Conn., 15th July 1851  Frederick Daniel Beeman (born, 4th January 1821, died Litchfield, Conn., 4th August 1860). .
1 Rev. Allen Everett Beeman. Born Litchfield, Conn., 4th August 1855. Married Farmington, Conn., 11th June 1885, Sarah Cowles Carrington (born 9th July 1864). Issue.
i Charles Carrington Beeman. Born Farmington, Conn., 16th August 1886. Died January 1973.   .  
2 Susan Gillon Beeman. Born Litchfield, Conn., 6th November 1858. Died 8th May 1860. 
C. Maria Brisbane. Born ca.1802. Died (unm) ca. 1864. She might have had Hall or Stanyarne as a middle name.
D. Abbott Hall Brisbane. Born SC 4th December 1804. Died Summerville, SC 28th September 1861. Graduated West Point 1825. He pursued with apparent success parallel careers in civil engineering and the military. Married SC 26th March 1829 Adeline Elizabeth White (born Charleston 17th January 1807, still alive 1861).
a Abbott Hall Brisbane. Born Summerville, SC 8th May 1830. Died Summerville, SC 19th August 1832.
E. Elizabeth Louis Brisbane. Born ca. 1807. Died June 1867.
F William Brisbane. Born 22nd July 1809. Died Hogansburgh 30th August 1860. A contemporary pen portrait by a kinsman describes him in childhood as  'a very generous, affectionate, sprightly boy whom everybody was fond of'. Later relations seem to have deteriorated when the same kinsman wrote that William  'was always inclined to wickedness & mischief'.  Married firstly Charleston 3rd March 1831 Julia Hall Lowndes (born ca. 1811, died 4th December 1847).
a Mary Catherine Brisbane. Born Charleston 12th January 1832. Died Washington, Conn., June 1913. Married Wiltown, SC 22nd April 1856 George Augustus Hickox (born Washington Conn., 11th June 1830, died Washington Conn.7th June 1903. Lawyer.
1 William Brisbane Hickox. Born 18th March 1863. Still alive 1938. Married (possibly as his second wife) 8th October 1890 Zaydee Bancroft Keese (born 6th April 1866, died 6th August 1902).
i Zillah Keese Hickox. Born Duluth, Minn. 13th April 1892. Died Chattanooga July 1975. Journalist.       
2 Frances Elliot Hickox. Born 1st April 1864. Still alive 1938. Music Teacher.
b Julia Lowndes Brisbane. Born Wiltown, SC, 31st May 1833. Married 10th April 1855 Roland Smith Rhett (born 2nd December 1830, died 6th July 1898).    
1 Julia Lowndes Rhett. Born 20th March 1856.
2 Roland Smith Rhett Born 28th April 1858. Married 22nd December 1891 Mary Clapp Sibley.   
3 Abbott Brisbane Rhett. Born 11th January 1860. Married 6th June 1899 Eleonor Orr Lee (born 12th May 1869). Issue.    
i Abbott Brisbane Rhett. Born 21st May 1900. Died May 1971.   
4 Thomas Grimke Rhett. Born 14th January 1862.
5 William Brisbane Rhett. Born 16th December 1863. Married 16th December 1899 Elizabeth Virginia Tyler (born 11th June 1871). Issue.    
i Catherine Tyler Rhett. Born 19th May 1901.      
6 Mariana Parker Rhett. Born 18th March 1866. Married  Thomas Gordon Coleman.    
7 Charlotte Haskell Rhett. Born 31st May 1869   
8 James Smith Rhett. Born 8th April 1872.         
9 Edward Lowndes Rhett. Born 25th March 1874. Married Hon Frances Fairfax.          
10 Henry Parker Rhett. Born 31st January 1878.   
c Harriet Ruth Brisbane. Born Charleston 6th December 1834. Died Isleworth, England 30th May 1918. Wife, mother, draftswoman and inventor. Married Litchfield 2nd June 1860 Cadwallader Colden Tracy (born ca.1830, died Paddington, England 6th October 1921). Issue.
d Catherine Osborne Brisbane. Born Charleston 3rd August 1836. Died 22nd October 1922. Married September 1860  January  Charles Sinkler Darby (born 14th July 1837, died 11th May 1894).
1 Catherine Lowndes Darby. Born 16th November 1861.  
2 Charles Sinkler Darby. Born 5th November 1866. Died 30th August 1896.  
3 Julia Lowndes Darby. Born 18th March 1868.  
4 Ruth Brisbane Darby. Born 11th October 1869.  
5 William Russell Darby. Born 20th April 1872. Married Clara Hale. 3 recorded children.      
i Charles Sinkler Darby. Born 20th February 1908. Died 17th October 1944. Buried American Cemetery, Madingley, Cambridge, England      
6 Mary Preston Darby. Born 30th May 1874.
e Amarinthia Brisbane. Born Charleston 22nd February 1838.
f William Brisbane. Born Charleston 14th July 1839. Died (unm) Litchfield 5th June 1881.
g Maria Hall Brisbane.Born Charleston 15th February 1841
h Elizabeth Brisbane. Born and died, ca. 1844.
i James Lowndes Brisbane. Born Charleston 9th December 1844. Died (unm) 7th April 1899.
j Lewis Morris Brisbane. Born Charleston 27th July 1846. Died (unm) 6th March 1905.
William Brisbane. 1809 - 1860 married secondly 2nd October 1857 Sarah Hogan.
k Jane C Brisbane. Born 13th August 1858. Died before 1912. Married 15th October 1878 Frank Schlesinger (died before 1912).
1 Bertha Margaret Schlesinger. Born 6th June 1881.          
l Margaret Lawrence Brisbane. Born Born 26th April 1860. Married Richfield Springs, NY 18th July 1882 Dr George Manley Ransom (born Richfield Springs, NY 16th October 1857).
1 Frank Brisbane Ransom. Born Norwich., Conn., 25th June 1883. Died July 1967.
2 Henry Morgan Ransom. Born New York, 22nd April 1885. Died February 1976. Married 23rd November 1908 Catherine Byer. Issue.
. James Brisbane 1734/5 - 1794  married thirdly Margaret
iv. Adam Fowler Brisbane Born Charleston 3rd September 1783. Died Charleston 15th June 1830. Married Savannah, 14th December 1803, Mary Ann(a) Mosse (born St Helena Island, SC 10th March 1786, died Lawtonville, Beaufort Co, SC 10th May, 1854).
A. Margaret Brisbane. Born ca. November 1804. Died 25th October 1805.
B. Rev Dr William Henry Brisbane. Born Beaufort Co, SC 12th October 1806.. Died Arena, WI 5th April 1878. Buried originally in a grove on his farm, but in 1879 his body was moved to the Mazomanie WI Cemetery. 
He became an energetic, deeply committed and often confrontational abolitionist, at a time when many of his planter kinsfolk led lives that were economically dependent on slavery. He therefore had many enemies, in his life time and was obliged to move north until he was able to return (temporarily) as an officer of the victorious Yankees 1864.  Following his death, his admirers have become increasingly numerous as his views on slavery have become mainstream in the western democracies. Married 28th May 1825 Lawtonville Glorianna Lawton (born 15th July 1805, died 17th February 1878).
a Anna Cornelia Brisbane. Born Lawtonville, SC, 25th July 1827. Died 28th April 1828.
b Bentley Hasell Brisbane. Born Lawtonville, SC,  31st August 1829. Died 22nd March 1846.

In 1879 his body was moved from the Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH to the Mazomanie, WI Cemetery.

c Robert Willingham Brisbane. Born and died Lawtonville, SC  30th September 1831.
d Benjamin Themosticles Lawton Dion Brisbane. Born Lawtonville, SC,  8th April 1834. Died Council Bluffs, Iowa 10th November 1893. Married 29th January 1854 Sarah Emily Dickson. (born Lawrence, Penn., 11th November 1832, died Omaha 23rd October 1909).
1 William Henry Brisbane. Born Newcastle, Penn., 22nd January 1855. Died Omaha 23rd May 1930. Married Omaha 26th January 1897 Cora Alice Nickerson. (born Saline, Nebraska 16th June 1876, died San Diego, CA 7th February 1957).        
i Charles Winford Brisbane Born Pottawattamie, Iowa 15th January 1898. Died Sta Monica 9th May 1953. Married Fort Sill, Oklahoma 31st July 1918 Lillian Marie Indracek (born Omaha 8th November 1898, died Omaha 4th February 1984). 5 recorded children.  
(a) Ruth Cora Brisbane. Born Harrison, Iowa 19th August 1925. Died 30th January 2007. Married Los Angeles, CA 18th October 1942 William Jackson Fowlkes (born 19th July 1918: died 21st December 2000.  Issue.  
(b) Frank Charles Brisbane. Born Omaha 21st November 1927. Died 25th July 2009. Married with issue.  
ii Elliott H Brisbane Born Omaha 7th March 1903. Died Kearney, Nebraska January 1978. Married firstly Alliance, Nebraska 11th February 1923 Alberta Phelps. Issue.  
Elliott H Brisbane married secondly San Diego, CA 6th November 1930   Mable Williams.  
Elliott H Brisbane married thirdly Alliance, Nebraska 9th July 1939 Bernice Samuelson Fors (born MI 18th January 1912, died 19th April 1993). 3 recorded children.  
iii Harold Kennedy Brisbane Born Omaha 1st September 1905. Died San Diego 7th January 1989. Married San Diego 16th November 1928.  Ann May Shea (born Delta, Colorado 26th March 1907, died San Diego 18th December 1985). 2 recorded children.      
2 Alfred Brisbane. Born Arena, 3rd September 1861. Married Olive Miller. (born ca. 1857, died ca. 1882).         
i Benjamin Paul Brisbane Born 21st February 1895. Died Los Angeles 6th July 1960. Married Glenwood, Iowa 4th August 1934.  Elizabeth Henderson Issue.
ii Reuben Emmanuel Brisbane Born Omaha 13th January 1898. Died San Bernardino 23rd February 1980.     
3 Anna Elizabeth Brisbane. Born Nassau, East New York, 7th July 1864. Married Charles W Johnson.
4 Julia Brisbane. Born Arena, 19th February 1869. Died Omaha 12th June 1939. Married Douglas, Nebraska 26th February 1890 Robert Lloyd Robinson. (born Wayne Co., Iowa 22nd February 1868, died Douglas, Nebraska, 15th November 1938). 6 recorded children.         
i Rolland Ray Robinson Born Custer, Nebraska 6th April 1891. Died 25th March 1971. Married 27th October 1913 Ethel Irene Williams.     
ii Alex Ralph Robinson Born Custer, Nebraska 19th January 1895. Died St Helena, CA 26th October 1980. Married Omaha 25th May 1916 Mary Evangeline Dean. (born Sioux City 9th July 1895, died CA 31st October 1960). 3 recorded children.    
iii Walter Frederick Robinson Born Nebraska 16th July 1897. Died 2nd October 1952. Married 10th June1919 Margaret Madeiros.     
iv Margaret Ruth Robinson Born Nebraska 26th November 1898. Died 20th June 1993. Married 11th May1918 Martin Jorgensen Hedelund (born Nebraska 11th January 1893, died March 1984 ).  
v Charles Beverly Robinson Born Nebraska 25th September 1901. Died 16th October 1964. Married 14th March 1922 Ellen Vollovich.     
5 Gertrude Brisbane. Born Beaufort Co., SC, 7th February 1871. Died Ada, Idaho 21st March 1929. Married Omaha 17th July 1895 Nels Miller. (born Sosdala, Skane, Sweden 20th November 1868, died 3rd October 1963).  4 recorded children.         
i Isabelle Miller Born Council Buffs, IA  28th March 1896. Died 27th Mach 1984. Married 14th October 1924 Francis Ihm (born 8th November 1897, died Boise, Idaho March 1986).  Issue.   
ii Mary Miller Born 10th January 1902. Married 14th September 1921 Franz Eric Ullstrom.     
                iii Martha Miller Born Nebraska 2nd January 1906. Died May 1985. Married 21st July 1924 Everett C Dille (born 26th January 1900: died 10th August 1992).  Issue        
iv John Everett Miller Born 10th November 1907. Married 18th June 1928 Emily Foster.
e William Henry Brisbane. Born Cincinnati,  20th June 1838. Died Milwaukee 12th May 1897. Married New York 20th June 1865 Elizabeth Ann Sniffen (born New York 24th April 1844, died Wisconsin 14th February 1928).    They relocated to Arenca, WI from Chicago when his father died
1 Henry Charles Brisbane. Born Beaufort District, SC, 23rd December 1866. Died Tampa 12th January 1935. Married 25th August 1889 Dorothy Ann Koester (born Milwaukee 23rd December 1866, died 24th November 1930, Tampa). 3 recorded children.     
i DeLoris Helen Brisbane Born 18th August 1890. Died November 1993. Married H W Britton. Issue.  
ii Clarence LeRoy Brisbane Born Milwaukee 10th February 1893. Died Bay Pines, Florida 17th July 1949.  
iii Earl Lester Brisbane Born Milwaukee 5th May 1899. Died Jacksonville 15th October 1983. Married with 6 recorded children.  
(a) Earl Lester Brisbane. Born 27th August 1937. Died 11th February 2001. Married with issue.  
2 Mary Anna Brisbane. Born 6th September 1868.              
3 Adeline Catherine Brisbane. Born  16th April 1870. Died ca. 1871.
4 Elizabeth Rosa Brisbane. Born 1st February 1872. Died in infancy.   
5 John Benjamin Brisbane. Born 15th October 1874.  Died December 1927. Married 31st August 1896 Julia Eva (or Eve) House. (born ca. 1878). 3 recorded children.         
i Ethel Brisbane Born 13th October 1897.  
ii Mariem Brisbane Born 26th July 1903. Died 27th August 1986.  
6 Marium Amy Brisbane. Born Beaufort District, SC 27th May 1876. Died April 1913. Married  15th October 1895 James Christian. Issue.         
7 Edith Marie Brisbane. Born SC or IL, 4th January 1878. Died after 1928. Married 4th April 1898 Arthur L Brazee. Issue.      
8 Phebe Elenor Brisbane. Born 22nd July 1879. Died 8th March 1882.   
9 Edward Alfred Brisbane. Born Arena, 7th May 1881. Died November 1975. Married 20th December 1906 Edith Gertrude Clements.
i William Clements Brisbane Born Toledo, OH 17th January 1909. Died January 1982.
ii Edward Brisbane Born 20th July 1912. Died 8th October 2004.    
iii Gertrude Brisbane Born 15th November 1913. Died 28th June 1994.  
f Ph(o)ebe Adeline Brisbane. Born Cincinnati,  14th May 1841. Still alive 1921. Married 10th March 1862 Herbert Reed (died 28th April 1875).
1 Herbert Brisbane Reed. Born 24th May 1864. Died 9th June 1896. Married 11th April 1889 Mary G Pinney.      
i Erma Gladys Reed
2 Anna Julia Reed. Born ca. 1867. Died in infancy. 

In 1879 her daughter's bopdy was moved from the Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH to the Mazomanie, WI Cemetery

3 Martha Reed. Born ca. 1870. Died in infancy. 
4 George Benjamin Reed. Born 19th November 1873.   
f Ph(o)ebe Adeline Brisbane married secondly H H Byers (born approx 1839)..
g Mary Julia Brisbane. Born Ohio 1843 or 1844. Died 17th March 1845.
h John Edward Brisbane. Born Camden, NJ,  7th April 1847. Died in a wagon accident and/ or of typhoid fever, Madison, WI 2nd February 1863.
C. Elizabeth Brisbane. Born ca. 1808. Died 29th October 1839. Married as the first of his three wives Alexander Benjamin Lawton (born 23rd September 1809): he was her brother's wife's brother.
a Mary Jane Lawton. Born Beaufort, SC ca. 1832. Married possibly Montague La Fitte.
b Martha Lawton. Born Beaufort, SC ca. 1834. Married Walter Gwinn.
c Eusepia Lawton. Born Beaufort, SC ca. 1836. Died young.
D. James Brisbane. Born 15th October 1811. Died 2nd October 1815..
E. George A Lawton Brisbane. Born 12th May 1814. Died 21st February 1815.
2. William Alexander Brisbane.  Born Glasgow ca. 1740. Died December 1778.
3. Catherine Brisbane.  Born Glasgow ca. 1744. Married firstly Berkeley Co., SC 24th March 1763 Joseph Elliott (born ca. 1735, died 2nd May 1767).
i. James Elliott Born St Andrew's Parish, SC 12th February 1764.
Catherine Brisbane married secondly 19th June 1773 Andrew Hewatt
4. Adam Fowler Brisbane.  Born Glasgow ca. 1754. Died Richland District, SC 1st July 1797. He held lands in Georgia at the birth place of his wife, of which he was dispossessed by a local court 1781. Many settlers around this time were obliged to relocate as frontiers and loyalties shifted during a cruel and troubled conflict which, in this region, had many of the characteristics of a civil war.  Married Ogachee, GA 30th May 1775 Mary Camber (born Ogachee, GA, ca. 1754, died Camden, SC 19th August 1820). 5 recorded children.
i. Adam Fowler Brisbane Born 19th September 1779. Died 3rd January 1806. Married Kershaw District, SC, probably as her first husband, Margaret Irvin (born Fairfax ca. 1786, died 20th October 1855).
ii. Elizabeth Dale Brisbane Born 5th December 1781. Died Kershaw District, SC, 1st September 1826. Married Camden District, SC, 26th July 1802 William Ancrum (born ca. 1771, died ca. 1831).
A. William Porcher Ancrum. Born 7th March 1808. Died ca. 1810.
B. Fowler Brisbane Ancrum. Born 23rd January 1811. Died ca. 1830.
C. George Octavius Ancrum. Born 5th April 1813. Died ca. 1824.
D. William Alexander Ancrum. Born SC 10th June 1815. Died ca. 1862. Married 27h March 1837 Charlotte Elizabeth Douglas (born Galloway, Scotland, ca. 1819, died ca. 1848).
a Mary Douglas Ancrum. Born 3rd January 1840.Married 22nd February 1860 Charles John Shannon, surgeon.
1 Ellen Deas Shannon. Born 7th December 1860. Died 22nd February 1944.  
2 Charles John Shannon. Born 1st July 1863. Still alive 1930. Banker. Married 30th April 1895 Emily Jordan Nesbit. 2 recorded children.   
i Ralph Nesbit Shannon Born 18th February 1896.
(a) Emily Nesbit Shannon. Born 3rd October 1918. Died January 1988. Married Pierce Watson Cantey (born 17th December 1913, died June 1972). 
3 Leila Martha Shannon. Born 2nd April 1867. Still alive 1930   
4 Charlotte Douglas Shannon. Born 23rd July 1869. Still alive 1930.
b Thomas James Ancrum. Born 12th September 1841.Died 29th May 1900. Married 29th March 1870 Mary Cantey.
1 Elizabeth Hamilton Boykin Ancrum. Born 25th June 1876. Married 25th April 1900 Caleb Clarke Moore. 3 recorded children.
i Albertus Adair Moore Born 6th September 1904. Died December 1993.
2 Camilla Cantey Ancrum. Born 15th August 1877. Died 12th September 1905. Married 15th August 1900 William Hamilton Haile (born 25th August 1876, died 13th October 1940). 3 recorded children. 
i Minnie Cantey Haile Born 30th March 1901. Died January 1981
c Elizabeth Brisbane Ancrum. Born 25th April 1843. Died 18th March 1905. Married Camden, SC 17th December 1867 Samuel Boykin.  (born 29th November 1842, died 12th February 1915). 
1 Mary Hopkins Boykin. Born 29th April 1869. Died Spartanburg, SC 16th April 1943. Married firstly 11th December 1888 Dr Charles Henry Green (born Ellaville, GA 13th April 1861, died 21st March 1900). 3 recorded children. 
i Charles H Green Born 17th June 1890. Died 28th September 1905.
ii Samuel B Green Born 25th June 1894. Died 28th March 1905.
iii Elizabeth B Green Born 30th December 1896.
2 Charlotte Ancrum Boykin. Born 16th February 1871. Died El Paso 29th October 1922. Married SC, 11th February 1902 Thomas David Porcher (born 14th August 1870, died 19th July 1943). Issue. 
3 Samuel Burwell Boykin. Born 23rd May 1873. Died 2nd July 1885. 
4 Leila Brisbane Boykin. Born 4th June 1876. Died 21st October 1953. 
5 William Ancrum Boykin. Born 2nd August 1878. Died 16th January 1944. Married SC 19th July 1901 Florence Harlee Coachman.  3 recorded children. 
i Helen Mortimer Boykin Born 21st July 1902.
ii William Ancrum Boykin Born Chesterfield, SC 2nd February 1907. Died October 1981.
6 Lemuel Whitaker Boykin. Born 4th January 1880. Died 24th October 1944. Married 18th June 1918 Eula Alma Bruce
7 Ellen Lee Boykin. Born Kershaw District, SC 29th August 1882. Died 22nd September 1973. Married SC 18th August 1911 Thomas Frederick Bell (born 1st February 1882, died 19th May 1944).   
8 Meta Deas Boykin. Born 2nd November 1883. Died 29th December 1965. Married 26th December 1907 John Gibbes Barnwell (born SC 12th September 1883, died July 1970). Issue. 
9 Samuel Boykin. Born 6th July 1886. Died 26th June 1887.  
d James Kennedy Douglas Ancrum. Born 23rd September 1844. Died 10th July 1864.
e Ellen Deas Ancrum. Born 9th March 1846. Married 22nd June 1863 Francis Dickinson Lee. 5 recorded children.
1 Ellen Deas Lee. Born 21st October 1866. Married  George Hoffman. Issue. 
i Ellen Lee Hoffman
2 Francis Dickinson Lee. Born 21st January 1870. Married Adine Tyrel
3 Mary Elizabeth Lee. Born 5th April 1873.      
4 Douglas Ancrum Lee. Born 12th October 1876.  
5 Lynch Deas Lee. Born September 1879. Died ca. 1911.    
f Margaret Douglas Ancrum. Born possibly at Portland, Alabama 6th March 1848. Died 8th April 1883. Married  9th November 1869  Samuel Francis Boykin. (born Portland, Alabama 30th December 1845, died 19th March 1902). He was a kinsman of the husband of her sister Elizabeth.  
1 Douglas Ancrum Boykin. Born Portland, Alabama 15th January 1871. Died 5th October 1946. Married firstly 9th November 1897 his second cousin Mary Elizabeth Boykin. (born 27th March 1876, died 29th April 1921).
i Ellen Douglas Boykin Born South Carolina 20th November 1898. Married Robert Emmet Allen (died 8th August 1955).  
2 William Whitaker Boykin. Born 5th September 1872 Died in infancy. 
3 Samuel Francis Boykin. Born 15th June 1874. Died 26th July 1953. Married 11th April 1899 Anne Flewellyn Alexander (born Seale, Alabama 20th November 1879, died Jacksonville, Florida 4th June 1975). 
i Martha Chambers Boykin Born Georgia 31st January 1900. Died Jacksonville, Florida 10th May 1987. Married 11th April 1925 Richard Heber Bennett (born 16th August 1896, died 20th March 1972).
4 Martha Rives Boykin. Born Atlanta, GA 22nd September 1875. Died  12th September 1911. Married 14th April 1903 John James Workman (15th January 1871, died 6th October 1946). 4 recorded children.
i John James Workman  Died in infancy.  
5 William Ancrum Boykin. Born 5th October 1876. Married 1st June 1905 Anne Beecher Smith Issue. 
6 Lynch Deas Boykin. Born 31st October 1878. Died in infancy.  
7 Ellen Deas Boykin. Born ca. 1881. Died in infancy.   
E. Thomas James Ancrum. Born SC 17th July 1817. Died ca. 1887. Married Kershaw District, SC 1840, Margaret Douglas (born SC, ca. 1821, died ca. 1887).
a William Alexander Ancrum. Born ca. 1843. Married ca. 1877 Anna Susan Calhoun. (born Abbeville, SC, 29th May 1845).  
1 Anna Aurelia Ancrum. Born ca. 1878. Married ca. 1901 John Miller. Issue.  
2 Lt. William Ancrum. Born Abbeville, SC 8th July 1881. Died March 1963. Married ca. 1909 Cora Nesbit Carrison.(born 17th March  1883: died 27th November 1947) Issue.  
i William Ancrum  Born 22nd March 1910. Died 29th July 1939.
ii Margaret C Ancrum  Born 7th October 1911. Died 17th January 1947.
3 Sarah Calhoun Ancrum. Born ca. 1882. Married ca. 1906 Edward Eve. 4 recorded children.  
4 Col. Calhoun Ancrum. Born Abbeville, SC 24th August 1884. Married ca. 1910 Dixie Quarles. (born Benton, Kentucky 8th November 1887, died Walla Walla, WA 15th March 1949).   
i Dixie Ancrum  Born Germantown, PA 18th September 1911. Died Orléans 12th October 1955. Married Brig. Gen.William Whipple (born 4th February  1909: died 23rd August 2007). Isssue.     
ii Lt. Col. Calhoun Ancrum  Born Philippines 28th April 1915. Died Charlestown, Mass 21st February 1990. Married firstly London, England 17th June 1945 as her first husband Princess Xenia Andreivna Romanov (born Paris 10th March 1919, died Saint-Cernin 22nd October 2002).     
5 Andrew Simmonds Ancrum. Born ca. 1885. Married  Marie Dean. (born 6th August 1891, died Spartanburg 11th August 1977) Issue.  
6 Thomas Ancrum. Born Abbeville, SC 4th August 1888. Died April 1967. 
7 James Norwood Ancrum. Born Camden, SC probably 2nd February 1890. Died September 1966.   
b Mary Camber Ancrum. Born ca. 1845. Died in infancy.
c Charlotte Douglas Ancrum. Born ca. 1847. Died ca. 1909. Married ca. 1870 James Cantey.
d Thomas Brisbane Ancrum. Born ca. 1850 Died ca. 1911.
e Elizabeth Brisbane Ancrum. Born ca. 1852. Died ca. 1917. Married 15th February 1882 John Boykin. (born  SC, ca. 1850, died ca. 1924). 
1 Edward Mortimer Boykin. Born ca. 1882. Married ca. 1909 Elizabeth Lowndes.  
2 Thomas Ancrum Boykin. Born ca. 1884.      
3 Frances Johnson Boykin. Born ca. 1886.  
f Margaret Frances Ancrum. Born Camden, SC, ca. 1856. Married ca. 1877 Robert Cunningham Johnson. (born ca. 1850, died ca. 1910).  
1 William E. Johnson. Born ca. 1877.  
2 Charlotte Cantey  Johnson. Born 24th August 1879. Died 30th September 1963. Married firstly 24th April 1900 Matthew Richard Singleton (born 24th October 1877, died 14th January 1910). He was a grandson to Mary l'On Lowndes 1800 - 1865. 3 recorded children.
i Richard Singleton  Born SC 29th July 1901. Died 1st December 1978. Married Myrtice Malpas (born 12th September 1902, died 28th August 1978).             
ii Robert Johnson Singleton  Born 22nd May 1904. Died 29th June 1906.     
iii Martha Rutledge Singleton  Born 7th November 1907.
3 Margaret Ancrum Johnson. Born 23rd October 1881. Died 22nd October 1965.  Married ca. 1909 Alexander Garden Clarkson (born 14th June 1883, died 17th October 1978).
7 recorded children.
i Alexander Garden Clarkson  Born SC 27th November 1909. Died 13th September 1989. Married Willie Hamilton Haile (born 2nd November 1912, died 23rd March 2006).             
ii Robert Johnson Clarkson  Born SC 22nd March 1912. Died 1st November 2009. 
iii Blanding De Saussure Clarkson  Born SC 17th September 1913. Died 30th November 2000.  Married Sue Flinn James (born 6th November 1912, died 17th  May 2008).
iv Francis Ancrum Clarkson  Born SC 11th June 1915. Died 25th June 1917.       
v William Clarkson  Born SC 9th January 1923. Died 8th September 2003.       
4 Annie Cunningham Johnson. Born ca. 1886. Married ca. 1907 Henry Deas Boykin (born 21st March 1884, died 6th April 1963). 2 recorded children.
5 Mary Douglas Johnson. Born ca. 1888. Married ca. 1912. Daniel M. Jones.
6 Robert Cunningham Johnson. Born ca. 1890.   
g James Douglas Ancrum. Born ca. 1858. Died ca. 1861.
h Catherine Porcher Ancrum. Born ca. 1860. Died ca. 1861.
i Mary Catherine Ancrum. Born ca. 1862. Married Douglas Blanding de Saussure.
j Jessie Douglas Ancrum. Born ca. 1865. Married ca. 1893  Clarendon Rivers Spencer.
1 Clarendon Rivers Spencer. Born 3rd November 1894. Died 1976.     
2 Douglas Ancrum Spencer. Born 10th February 1896.        
3 Charles Holmes Spencer. Born ca. 1898.   
4 Thomas Ancrum Spencer. Born ca. 1900.       
iii. William Alexander Brisbane Born ca. 1783. Died May 1784.
iv. Mary Hannah Camber ("Polly") Brisbane Born a twin, Camden District 26th June 1785. Died Montgomery, 20th November 1857. Peter Gold has discovered that on 14 September 1797 a boat was launched named "Polly Brisbane" for this little girl. Peter's source is 'Historic Camden' Page 408.
Married Camden District, SC, 28th November 1805 R(e)uben Arthur (born Lexington District, SC 4th April 1774, died Richland Co., SC 11th March 1833).
A. Mary Arthur. Born Camden District, SC 12th January 1807. Died 6th November 1809.
B. William Henry Arthur. Born Camden District, SC 8th June 1808. Died La Fayette Co., Arkansas 26th September 1840.
C. Thomas Brown Arthur. Born Camden District, SC 21st March 1810. Died 14th January 1833.
D. John Singleton Arthur. Born Camden District, SC January 1813. Died Camden District 19th May 1813.
E. Dr Adam Brisbane Arthur. Born Camden District, SC 26th May 1814. Died Selma, Alabama 6th November 1872. Married firstly Baldwin Co., Alabama 2nd March 1837 Mary Rebecca Atkinson (born April 1821, died October 1843).
a Elizabeth Ann Arthur. Born Baldwin Co., Alabama, 22nd November 1837. Died Selma, Alabama, 23rd November 1913. Married Loudens Co., Alabama, 26th August 1859 Dr Edward Milhous Vasser (died February 1879).   
1 Lelia Eugenia Vasser   
2 John Edward Vasser   
3 Mary Ann Vasser Born Dallas Co., Alabama 23rd October 1861. Died Shelby Co., Alabama 22nd January 1882.  
b Mary Ann Arthur. Born Baldwin Co., Alabama, 10th August 1839. Died Lowndes Co., Alabama, 12th May 1864. Married Lowden Co., Alabama, 22nd November 1855 Dr Andrew Bowie.
1 James S Bowie Born ca. 1856.
2 Mary Bowie Born ca. 1858.
3 Samuel Bowie Born ca. 1861.
c Thomas Arthur. Born 18th August 1840. Died in infancy.  
d Emma Polk Arthur. Born 9th November 1841. Died Dallas Co., Alabama, 1920.
e William Henry Arthur. Born April 1843. Died in infancy.
Dr Adam Brisbane Arthur 1814 - 1872 married secondly Monroe Co., Alabama 21st January 1845 Sarah America Robison (born 25th September 1825, died Wilsonville, Alabama, 9th August 1889).
f Coralie Mary Arthur. Born Monroe Co, Alabama, 20th April  1846. Still alive 1900. Married Dallas Co., Alabama 29th November 1865 Robert E Webster.   
1 Coralie Webster Born Texas, May 1882.   
g Sarah A Arthur. Born Monroe Co., Alabama, April 1847. Died Shelby Co., Alabama 14th February 1896. Married Shelby Co., Alabama 12th August 1874 John E Densler (died before 1896).   
1 Lula W Densler Born ca. 1877.   
2 John May Densler Born Shelby Co., 1880.   
3 Olive V Densler Born March 1882.   
h Mary Anna Arthur. Born December 1849. Married ca. 1889 William Price.    
i Louise Salmond Arthur. Born March 1852. Died March 1878.
j Caroline Arthur. Born February 1855. Died January 1862. 
k Evelyn Arthur. Born October 1856. Married ca. 1893 P Welborn
l Florence Arthur. Born May 1858. Married Joseph Shough.    
m Ada Brisbane Arthur. Born Cahaba, Alabama, 17th September 1861. Died Merkel, Alabama 16th July 1901. Married Jefferson Co., Alabama 22nd January 1882 Wilhelm Angelo Merkel.   
1 Nellie Brisbane Merkel Died in infancy.  
2 Arthur Wilhelm Merkel Born Eureka, Alabama 1st August 1883. Died Birmingham 6th May 1939. Married 24th December 1908 Nora Izetta Duke. 2 recorded children.
i Lois Izetta Merkel  Born 20th October 1912. Died 10th July 1980.      
3 Nora Robinson Merkel Born Wilsonville, Alabama 25th October 1889. Died Birmingham 30th October 1968. Married Jefferson Co., Alabama Joe Crosby McDaniel (died Birmingham 5th November 1975). 3 recorded children. 
i Elizabeth Colvin McDaniel  Born and died 25th June 1915.    
4 Irene Huntingdon Merkel Born Jefferson Co., Alabama 13th November 1891. Died Greenville, Miss., 23rd May 1952. Married firstly Jefferson Co., Alabama 15th August 1914 Thomas King Trig (born ca. 1881). 2 recorded children.      
5 Kathleen Roberta Merkel Born Birmingham 13th May 1901. Died Brandon, FL., February 1980. Married Kingman, Arizona October 1922 John Solomon Parker. 2 recorded children.   
i Kathleen Merkel Parker  Born 3rd October 1925.       
n William Ancrum Arthur. Born 16th January 1864. Married 24th March 1899 Adele Fowler. 4 recorded children.   
1 Adele Arthur Born 24th March 1900.   
2 Dorothy Arthur Born 29th September 1902. Died 3rd August 1904.   
3 Anna Brisbane Arthur Born 26th January 1904.   
4 Elizabeth Arthur Born 3rd August 1907.       
F. Elizabeth Dale Ancrum Arthur. Born Camden District, SC 25th September 1816. Died 7th September 1839.  Married Monroe, Alabama 5th May 1836 James Barnes Diggs (died 3rd June 1855).
a Robert Russell Diggs. Born ca. 1837. Died probably very young.
b James Shepard Diggs. Born 24th January 1838. Died 1st January 1893.
c Elizabeth Arthur Diggs. Born 22nd August 1839. Married firstly Cahawba, Alabama November 1856, Sylvester D Hays of Ohio (died June 1860).
1 George J Hays Died young.
2 Anna D Hays Died ca. 1887.
Elizabeth Arthur Diggs married secondly Hillsborough, OH 2nd February 1864 John Edwards. 3 recorded children who were all believed to be alive in 1910.
1 Edward Diggs Edwards.         
2 Robert James Edwards. Born Maryville, Missouri 9th December 1868. Married Sadie Cason Handy.  Six recorded children.
i Robert James Edwards  Born 31st January 1903  Died January 1978. Married with issue.            
ii John Handy Edwards  Born 25th March 1904.  Died May 1993. Married with issue.            
iii Archibald Cason Edwards  Born 15th April 1906.  Died 21st March 1998. Married with issue.            
iv Mary Elizabeth Edwards  Born 16th November 1907.  Died 10th February 2002. Married with issue.            
3 Mary Lovena Edwards.     
d Mary Anna Diggs. Born 22nd August 1839. Died 18th September 1909. Married William Lowndes Davis.
1 Susan Gertrude Davis. Born Dallas Co., Alabama     
2 Archibald Davis.               
G. Mary Margaret Arthur Born Camden District, SC 21st March 1819. Married Claiborne, Alabama 29th November 1836 John Alexander English  
a Richard Henry English. Born 3rd December 1837. Died 30th December 1880. Married Dallas Co., Alabama May 1866 Harriet L ("Hattie") Stringfellow.
1 William Henry English. Born ca. 1871. Probably died young.
2 Thomas Portis English. Born 6th January 1872. Died Jefferson Co., Alabama 21st December 1951. Married ca. 1900 Leila Vasser Arthur. 3 recorded children.    
i Victor Randall English  Died Birmingham 25th January 1998.         
ii Leila English  Born 18th October 1902  Died 11th May 1929. Married Frank R Basenberg.             
3 Emma P English. Born ca. 1876. Probably died young.
4 John Quinlan English. Born 29th January 1877. Died 23rd October 1883.   
5 Eugene English. Born 19th December 1879. Died 22nd February 1883.   
b Elizabeth Dale English. Born 12th November 1839. Died ca. 1870. Married Dr Lawrence.  
c Mary Ann English. Born 8th August 1840. Died Dallas Co., Alamaba 2nd September 1852. 
d Charles Edward English. Born Alabama 6th March 1842. Died ca. 1878. Married Monroe Co., Alabama his first cousin 10th December 1863 Mary Gray Arthur (born Claiborne, Alabama ca. 1846). 
1 John English. Born ca. 1865.  
2 Casadisa English. Born ca. 1866.  
3 Charles English. Born ca. 1868.  
4 Marion English. Born ca. 1873.  
5 Leo English. Born ca. 1878.  
e John A or John Duke English. Born 3rd July 1844. Died Dallas Co., Alabama 17th May 1848. 
H. Captain John Camber Arthur. Born Camden District, SC 19th December 1821. Married Dallas Co., Alabama 27th February 1843 Mary C Gray  (died ca. October 1871)
a Leah D Arthur. Born Monroe Co., Alabama 3rd December 1846. Died Monroe Co., Alabama 23rd September 1848.
b Mary Gray Arthur. Born Claiborne, Alabama ca. 1846. Married Monroe Co., Alabama 10th December 1863 her first cousin Charles Edward English.  Their children are listed above.  
c Reuben Arthur. Born ca. 1850.    
d Edmund Arthur. Born ca. 1852.     
I. Martha Anna Arthur. Born Camden District, SC 27th November 1827. Died Selma, Alabama 20th April 1904.  Married  Alabama 24th April 1845 Judge George R Evans.
a Mary A Evans. Born April 1846.  
b Katherine Evans. Born May 1847.   
c Benjamin Evans. Died in infancy.   
v. Margaret Brisbane Twin. Born and died 26th June 1785.
. William Brisbane, 1709 - 1771 married secondly 17th September 1760 Hannah Staples (born 1740/1741, died, possibly in childbirth, Charleston, SC   18th October 1764. Buried First Baptist Churchyard, Charleston.  
1. Margaret Brisbane.  Born ca. 1761. Will by right of deed of trust dated 3rd February 1802 and proved 13th June 1806. Married St Philips, Colleton, SC 18th August 1781 John Smith  
i. Eliza Ann Smith Married 17th July 1798 Henry Dana Ward (born 6th February 1768, died 23rd August 1817).
A. Henry Dana Artemas Ward. Born 31st May 1800.  Died Columbia, SC 4th April 1827. Married 9th November 1820 Eliza Ann Tracy (born 27th April 1799).    
a Henry Dana Artemas Ward. Born 27th November 1821. Died 17th December 1895. Attorney.          
b Eliza Maria Ward. Born 18th April 1823. Died 23rd December 1823.  
c Franklin Samuel Ward. Born 6th April 1825. Died 30th August 1826.          
. Margaret Brisbane  married secondly, after 15th August 1788 (at which date she appears to have been the widow Margaret Smith) and as his second wife Dr Isaac Alexander. Reports that she bore him a daughter named Amelia are chronologically implausible, however.   Amelia was presumably Dr Alexander's daughter by his first wife.
2. Hannah Brisbane  born ca. 1762. Probably died young.  
. William Brisbane, 1709 - 1771 married thirdly 3rd April 1768, as her first husband,  Eunice Stevens

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be added in response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator marks (e.g.  A, a, 1, i, A, a, 1, i) do not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.

The starting point for these data is the research notes inherited from Eduardo Haviland Hillman 1874 - 1947. Eduardo produced an excellent two part compilation on the genealogy of these Brisbanes, which appeared in the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine 1913. Special tribute must also be paid to the delightful and careful  memoir of her own childhood, prepared for her posterity  by Mary Catherine Brisbane (Mrs George Augustus Hickox) 1832 - 1913 which, to the best of the compiler's knowledge, has never been published, though various copies evidently survive in libraries.   

Turning to the living, additional information and / or inspiration has been contributed in abundance by many - kinsfolk and other genealogists and enthusiasts - including Dr Wallace Alcorn, David Andersen,  Martha Bennett, Hazlehurst Beezer, Chuck Chambers, F.A. "Skip" Clarkson, Bill Darby, Rod Darby,
Margaret Goldston, Daniel Steven Dille, Mark T Edwards, Beverly Hay, Chris Laws, Lucy Manson, Virgil Matz , Shirley McGrath, author Tom Tucker and Tom Weimer.  

Celebration is due of Peter Gold's enthusiastic and terrier-like persistence in pursuit of genealogical truth, following the sad news of his death in May 2006.   I valued Peter's e-friendship very much, and wish to record here my gratitude for the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with him over the years.

Help and support have also been provided by Dave Brisbane, whose Brisbane website is a recommended gold mine for Brisbane genealogy, though Dave's own research is not directly concerned with the South Carolina Brisbanes.

Of those featured in this genealogy, the Brisbane who has left the largest footprint on history is William Henry Brisbane 1806 - 1878. The compiler is particularly grateful to  Dr. Wallace Alcorn, who has provided fascinating background (mostly, alas, far outside the scope of a genealogical study) concerning a man who still stirs passions well over a century after his death. Dr. Alcorn, a great, great grandson of William Henry Brisbane, is a professional historian with a Ph.D. in education history and is writing Brisbane's biography and editing his publications, sermons, and public addresses. 

Tom Tucker did much to inspire the compiler's interest in the Brisbane family when he alerted us to the career as an inventor of Harriet Ruth Brisbane 1834 - 1918 (HRB) at the time when he was writing his book "Brainstorm: the Stories of Twenty American Kid Inventors" (Farrar, Strause &  Giroux) - still in print eight years on. Unfortunately it was not possible to unearth sufficient information to justify a chapter for HRB, although a paragraph mentioning a few of her inventions is included here within HRB's obituary. The compiler nevertheless unreservedly recommends "Brainstorm" which is interesting and nicely but compactly written.  Tom's latest book, Bolt of Fate: Benjamin Franklin and his Electric Kite Hoax (Public Affairs Books) was due out in May 2003 in the US. A UK publisher was, when last we heard from Tom, still being sought.

The compiler records his thanks to all who have contributed information and encouragement, and begs forgiveness from any who have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the compilation of  these data, but are not currently acknowledged here. Residual errors are, of course, the compiler's own responsibility.

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